Rosenior Joins FFC

Wednesday 12 November 2003

Fulham have signed promising rightback Liam Rosenior from Bristol City. The highly rated fullback has already made a handful of appearances for the reserves this season and according to Paul Nevin; has the potential to become a fine player.

Speaking to Fulham Today, Nevin told us a bit more about the latest player to join the Whites.

"Liam came to us from Bristol City earlier in the season; he's a rightback who had played on the wing and also upfront for Bristol's first team," he explained. "He's a very athletic and intelligent player but the first thing that I noted was his fantastic attitude."

"In training we initially felt that he lacked some of the technical qualities that some of the other players his age had but as soon as he got in to the game situation he showed a natural understanding. He's much more a game player than a trainer. So we've given him challenges to build up his technical ability."

Fulham's Academy system is well renowned for placing a strong emphasis on the technical development of players and even after having spent a short time at the Club, Rosenior's game has already shown rapid development as Nevin confirmed.

"We've already seen good levels of progression which the technical side of his game. His natural defensive instincts are very good, he covers his fellow defenders very well and can quickly read different situations. He's got a lot of raw potential which is there for us to build on.

"Sometimes players come close to making it but they may not be receptive to coaching but we've already seen a massive improvement in his play which is down to his excellent attitude."