Arsenal Ticket Policy

Friday 3 December 2004

As the Club has received a number of queries regarding the allocation of tickets for the Arsenal fixture on December 26, the following explains the Club's policy for this particular game.

Tickets for the Arsenal game were put on sale to Members and Season Ticket Holders on the 16th October. On the same day the information was recorded on to the Ticket Information Line (0870 442 1234); it was published in the Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea match programmes, and the details were also put online with the article staying on the front page for the duration of the on-sale period.

The Club received an allocation of 1,702 tickets on a sale or return basis for the Arsenal match, there were a further 944 tickets available to us on a sale only basis, with the Club having to then pay for all 2,646 up front. We therefore asked all Season Ticket Holders and Members wishing to attend the fixture to forward their applications no later than Monday 15th November, to enable the Club to make the necessary decision on the allocation we would accept.

Applications were processed on a first come first serve basis. The cut off date of the 15th November could not be extended, as it was given to us by Arsenal, to give them time to sell the tickets to their fans if we chose not to accept the full allocation.

So far this season our traveling support has averaged 600 per match and therefore we wanted to be sure that the tickets we accepted could be sold. As we only had 1800 applications we could not commit to the full allocation as it obviously had implications in terms of revenue for the Club. We trust this explains the decision.