Quoting Coleman

Friday 18 March 2005


"They're a better team this year and they're playing better football. I watched them last week against Southampton and they were devastating, formidable. So it's going to be a tough game for us. We need to show the same attitude as we did last year. We mustn't go up there with fear. If you go to places like Old Trafford and you're not brave, you don't get anything.

"We won't be able to have any passengers. Whoever's on the pitch will have to be ready for it. You have to go there with belief otherwise they'll run all over you.

"These are the best games to look forward to, it's a great stadium and you're playing against the best players. Albeit we need points and we're down at the wrong end, it's still a great game to look forward to."


"It's hard for the guys when you're training all week and there's nothing to look forward to, you have to keep the players motivated and concentrated in training. The lads have trained very, very well. Ideally we wanted to be coming off the back of a win against Charlton but it was a draw. It was a hard game, we played a very well organised team and found it hard to break them down.

"We've prepared correctly for this game so there are no excuses from our end. We've got a good squad of players and whilst, of course, it's not going to be easy we've beaten good teams in the past. We've got to go there with confidence and if we can copy what we did there last year it will be an incredible achievement. You know what football's like, you never say never."


"We scored very early through Lee Clark and United were very shaky. It was one of those games where we could have gone in at half time 3-1 up. We had a lot of chances that day and a lot of the play - it wasn't one of those games where you think, 'My God, how did we something there?' We were worthy winners. It was a great performance and I don't think there were any complaints from the Manchester United camp.

"Last year we performed, it wasn't luck, they had an off day and we were fantastic. But we can watch that match as much as we like, it will be a different game this time and we'll be playing a different team."


"He's a terrific guy and he was great to work with. I still think it will work out for him, he's had injuries but he had injuries here. He needs a good run of games, that's when he gets his confidence, scores a few goals and then he's formidable. He's one of the best players I've ever worked and played with and I still think he'll do the business at United once he has a run of games.

"He's been unlucky with injuries and, of course, you have to look at the guys he's competing with. But he knew that before he left, it's Manchester United and he's not going to be first on the team sheet like he was here. Once he gets a run of games, he'll be fine."


"It's not that we haven't scored goals, what plays on my mind more is the fact that we haven't been creating chances. That's not just the strikers' fault, we've got to get better quality up to them, we've got to have men joining in with play in the last third and we haven't had that.

"In the last few games we've defended quite well but offensively we haven't been good enough. We've worked hard this week and last week in the last third."


"I know he's been called moody but he hates losing and he doesn't suffer fools gladly. If he thinks it's not going his way or the team's way, then he doesn't like it. He's trained as hard this week, as he did last week and as he did the first week he was here.

"He's had a bit of barren spell in front of goal but all strikers have that. He's still got that same intensity, I haven't seen a different Andy Cole this week. I think he'll get a great reception from the United fans and rightly so."