Friday 13 May 2005


"We could still come twelfth which would be a good finish for us. There's still a lot to play for and I'm looking forward to the game. We applied ourselves in the right manner up at Blackburn and it was a fantastic performance. All the signs are there, if we do the same on Sunday and get a good response from the players we could end up in a good position.

"A lot of people wrote Norwich off six weeks ago and they've gone on a good run since. But we won't be sending them down if we win, you get relegated over 38 games not over one match. It's come down to this and it's a big game for them.

"I genuinely don't look at this as doing Crystal Palace a favour, they haven't done us any favours and we're not here to do favours for anyone. We want to approach the game for what it is, another three points. It will be a full house with a great atmosphere and we want to finish the season on a high."


"Collins John is sadly not going to make it for this weekend. That's been the story of our season, we get somebody back then just as they're in form, they get injured or something happens. It's sad for Collins because he got into the team, scored a few important goals and his all round team play was much, much better.

"He's a great prospect and that's why we bought him. He's just turned 19 and he's going to be a big player in the future. We've just got to make sure we keep his feet on the floor and don't push him too hard. I imagine he will probably play a bigger part next season."


"Like everyone else we've been looking at players for some months. But it's hard to say how many will come in. It would be nice to get a few new faces.

"I don't think we have to move players on but, of course, there'll be a lot said about our better players and we can't stop that. Hopefully we won't lose anybody and we can add to the squad."


"When you've played at a club like Manchester United for seven or eight years, the pressure is on every game. He may have been a little bit upset by the reaction he got against Newcastle but, to be fair, he's been playing with an injury for about six weeks. He knows how important the points have been for us and he's still been going out there."