Tuesday 20 September 2005


"We came off on Saturday with both Claus and Niclas Jensen limping, Bouba got a kick to his knee and we can't risk those players. If we lose any of them, we'll be going into Monday night's game against Tottenham bare.

"Collins John and Heidar Helguson will start and there'll be enough talent on the pitch to win the game but it will be nothing like the team we put out on Saturday.

"It's alright players knocking on your door saying they want to be in the team - now those lads will have that opportunity."


"They'll be strong and physical. We've watched them a few times. They can get out there and relax because they'll have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We're not expecting an easy game but if we apply ourselves, we'll win."


"It is a difficult competition. This is another game for us and it's one that we want to win, we'll be taking it very seriously.

"We lost to West Ham on Saturday which was disappointing because we'd been playing well. We'd drawn at Newcastle when we should have won, we beat Everton and we did enough on Saturday to win the game but ended up losing. Psychologically that's hard for the players so it's important that we bounce back as quick as we can."


"The Chairman likes to please the supporters, he wants to see us playing good, attractive, attacking football - which I think we've done so far this season. I think the fans appreciate we're attacking and trying to play good football.

"The Chairman hasn't put pressure on me, of course he wants us to finish in the top 10 and if we do well in the Cup - fantastic. We know that we haven't got the biggest fanbase so we've got to look after them, make sure they've got smiles on their faces and we play good enough football to attract some more supporters.

"This Club's going forward and we're in a much better financial position than three years ago; but we've got to make sure we stay in the Premier League year-in year-out and keep chipping away.

"Charlton are a great example for many clubs. It's taken them a long time. They got relegated from the Premier League, then came up again. Fortunately for us, we've come up and stayed up, but we have to make sure we stay in this position.

"We look to bring young talent in and develop them, rather than going out and buying the finished article. We don't want that 'selling team' tag because it's then hard to get players in and make any kind of progression. We've set long-term goals but we've got to try and stay in the Premiership, try to improve our squad and keep our best players."