Spot the Ball

Wednesday 12 December 2007

On Saturday (15th December) VC Casino are giving another five Fulham fans the opportunity to win £100,000 by ‘Cracking the Code’. The competition has been running for the last two home matches and has proven to be a huge success amongst the competing fans.

To win £100,000, each chosen finalist must come down pitchside before the game and enter a four digit code into the VC Casino vault. If the code is successful, the vault will crack open and the winning fan will walk away £100,000 richer.

At the Fulham vs. Blackburn match, 6 Fulham fans had an attempt to crack open the VC Casino Vault. Luckily for everyone else, their attempts were not successful and the Vault remains coded until Fulham host Newcastle on Saturday. The last six unsuccessful attempts were:

6351, 2470, 2706, 1617, 1827, 1938, 8083

(for a full list of all entered numbers, please visit|)

How to enter:

Above is a picture from the Fulham vs. Reading match. Dejan Stefanovic and Simon Davies have dispossessed Reading’s Stephen Hunt however the ball is missing.

For an opportunity to win £100,000 at the Fulham vs. Newcastle match simply tell us which square you think the ball should be in (A-L) and fill in the fields below - You could be one of the lucky five to get a chance to win at the Fulham vs. Newcastle match!