Seol's Blog

Tuesday 16 October 2007 14:00

Welcome to my new website blog on I’ll be updating this feature every two weeks, so hopefully next time round we’ll have 13 points on the board!

We’ve got to focus on the next game now and put the Portsmouth result behind us but I can’t tell you how disappointed we were after the game, especially after creating some decent chances in the first half.

It’s been pretty quiet over the last week or so because of the international games but we were back in training on Monday and getting ready for Saturday’s game against Derby.

Some players take a short break during the internationals but my son goes to school nearby so I’ve be doing the school runs and spending some time with my daughter who is two years old now. I don’t really have any spare time with two young children - they’re always keeping me busy but if I do, I sometimes I’ll play a bit of golf with my countryman, Young-Pyo Lee, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur.

I’ve been living in Sutton in Surrey for a few months now with my family. There’s actually a big Korean community nearby which is nice and I’ve got a lot of friends around here. It’s also close to the Training Ground, which surprised me when I came here – the facilities are fantastic. Fulham is a bigger club than the teams I’ve played for before with more experience at the top level. The players and staff have been really friendly so it’s been easy to settle down and personally, everything is fantastic right now.

Also, when the Manager wants to bring you to the Club it gives you confidence. I’m at the right Club to be playing my football. I always wanted to come and play in England – that was my goal when I was younger. The Premier League is the best league in the world so I am very proud and happy but there’s a lot for me to do and achieve and I want to do that in this league with Fulham.

The most important thing right now is picking up some results and we’ll get them because we’ve got a good team. We’ve been playing some really good football this season. We’ve got a lot of new players and it takes time, but I’m confident we’ll move up the table with the way we’ve been playing.

It’s vital that we get a result against Derby on Saturday. Whether I start or not is not the important thing – I’ve had a lengthy period of time to prepare for this game and the most important thing is to be fit and ready when my chance comes.

Of course, England has a major sporting week ahead with the football, rugby and the grand prix on Sunday. England’s game against Russia is a major talking point at the moment.

I played under Gus Hiddink during the 2002 World Cup Finals for South Korea and he breeds confidence in his players. Gus is a very strong character. I know how good a manager he really is and I actually believe he’s the best coach in the world.

His track record tells you all you need to know about his calibre as a manager and I’ll certainly be watching Wednesday’s game with interest. It will be a tense and fascinating encounter.

I want to say thank you to the people back home in South Korea. The support I receive means a lot to me and it’s been there for a very long time now despite being so far away from home. I’m always receiving some really kind messages and as a player when you know you’ve got people back home supporting you it is fantastic. I know they’ll be looking out for Fulham’s result this Saturday and I’m confident that we can get the win this weekend. Catch up soon.