Past, Present & Future

Wednesday 6 February 2008


Who was your favourite player when you were a child?

Franco Baresi.

How many attempts did it take to pass your driving test?

I passed first time, the practical and the theory.

What was your first car?

A Renault 5.

What football team did you support as a child?

AC Milan.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

My father told me to be comfortable with who I am and be confident in myself.


What music are you listening to in your car at the moment?

I like urban music.

What is your favourite hobby away from football?

Baskteball. It’s the number one sport in my country.

What drink do you have to quench your thirst?


If you could be Prime Minister for the day, what would you change?

I would make motorways bigger, and increase the speed limit on them a little.

Do you have any tattoos – and if so, what are they of?

Yes, I have one of Jesus on my shoulder.


Who do you think will win the 2010 world cup?


Give one holiday destination that you have not yet been to but would like to get to in the future?


What would you like to do when you can’t play football anymore?

I would like to go into coaching.

How do you see the sport of football changing/evolving over the next 50 years…

It will change a lot. When you think about how much it has changed over the last 50 years… Rules will change and the set up of leagues with promotion and relegation… these things will all change.

Hollywood were to make a movie of your life, who would you want to play you, and who would your leading lady be?

Robert De Niro and Julia Roberts.