Academy Insight

Wednesday 5 December 2012 09:21

In getting to know some of the Club’s younger players, pay a regular visit to our Under-21 and Under-18 squads to put our starlets in the spotlight. Today it’s the turn of Under-18s forward Muamer Tankovic who talked us through his fledgling career so far and some dubious television tastes.

How long have you been at the Club now?

This is my second season at Fulham. I was spotted playing for Sweden at youth level. Martin Jol saw me play a game against Wales and he took me over here. It was a little bit hard at first when I came to England. The first few months were tough but from then on it was fine.

For the fans who don’t know that much about you, what sort of player are you?

I like to play in the hole as a number 10. I see myself as a technical player who can score and has vision. There are areas for improvement - I’m not slow but I could be faster. Some of my friends say I play like Mesut Ozil. A few people here at Fulham have compared me to Santi Cazorla. I’ll take both of them!

Who are you closest to at Fulham?

Dino Islamovic, Alexander Kačaniklić and Tom Richards.

Who did you support growing up in Sweden?

I’ve always been a Real Madrid fan.

What was the first football shirt that you owned?

It was Barcelona one! But I took the badge off. I only got it because it had Ronaldinho on the back!

I take it your nickname is Tank?

It is in England!

Away from the pitch, what is your all-time favourite film?

Step Up 3.

What song would you choose for a spot of karaoke?

Mario – Let Me Love You.

And what do you never miss on television?

One Tree Hill.

In turning your attentions to your teammates, which one makes you laugh the most?

Moussa Dembele. He’s just a funny guy. And a very good player.

Who out of the squad is the best and worst dressed?

Can I say myself for best dressed?! The best is maybe Jordan Evans. The worst is Josh Passley. I can’t really say why, it’s just not my style!

You lot also love your tricks - which player has the most in his locker on that front? Some people have said you!

I’ve got some tricks, that’s true. Tom Richards also has some skills.

And finally, as your career moves forward, what’s the one piece of advice that you remember above the rest?

A good player always shows when they go low. It means when you’re having a tough time, a good player will always be able to come back again.