My Future Goal Participants Visit BBC

Thursday 6 December 2012 16:22

On Thursday 29th November, 'My Future Goal' participants were given the opportunity to visit the BBC and take part in the BBC Outreach Programme Maker for a Day project. During the one-day workshop, participants learned all about the work that goes into making a well-known BBC programme – in this case The Matt Lucas Awards.

As well as meeting the staff who make the programme, the group took part in a number of activities to help them develop some of the key skills required before they created their own short version of the show.

One of the 'My Future Goal' participants who attended, Dean Vidal, commented: “I was lucky enough to spend a day at the BBC going behind the scenes of The Matt Lucas Awards show. When we arrived at Elstree Studios, the Executive Producer and Assistant Producers came and spoke about the show, their own experiences of working in TV and gave some good tips on ways of gaining a career within TV. We were then set a challenge, where we had to create our own version of The Matt Lucas Awards. As we started writing our very own script, we realised how hard it actually is to make people laugh!

“After watching the dress rehearsal we recorded our very own version of the show, and once we had finished filming we returned to the set and took our seats in the audience. This was it, the final product being created for broadcasting.

“Overall, the day was an amazing experience and very inspiring. It gave me a great insight into the TV industry and a realisation of how hard work and determination can get you a long way, especially for those who do not have a vast array of qualifications, like myself. I am now considering working within TV as a career option, something I would never have thought of before today. Thank you to the BBC for this extraordinary opportunity.”

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