Academy Insight: Tom Richards

Thursday 27 December 2012 09:30

In getting to know some of the Club’s younger players, pay a regular visit to our Under-21 and Under-18 squads to put our starlets in the spotlight. Today it’s the turn of Under-18s wideman Tom Richards.

Who’s your best friend at Fulham?

I have a couple. Me and Tank [Muamer Tankovic] get on really well and we live just five minutes from each other. I actually live with Dino Islamovic who plays for the Under-21s so we have a good friendship as we see each other all the time. So I’d say Dino and Tank are my best mates at the Club.

Who did you support growing up?

I apologise to the Fulham fans for this, but it was actually Chelsea! My Dad supports them so he made me support them as well when I was growing up. Although, saying that, my Sunday league coach was actually a Fulham Season Ticket Holder so when I was younger I used to watch the Whites a lot as well. So, even though it may sound weird, I suppose you could say I was a Chelsea and Fulham fan when I was younger!

So was the first football shirt you owned blue or white?

It was a Chelsea one I’m afraid. It was a good few years ago but I think I had Anelka 39 on the back.

Have you got a nickname at the Club?

When I was with the Under-16s people called me Duffer quite a lot because they thought I looked and played like Damien Duff. Now, though, Omri [Altman] and Tank call me Hacker because I’m quite good with my phone and computers and things like that. Whenever they need help they call me Hacker.

What’s your all-time favourite film?

I really like War of the Worlds – that’s pretty good. And the Batman film that was just in the cinema; that was really good as well.

Have you got a favourite karaoke song?

I don’t do karaoke! I’m more into American hip-hop and R’n’B so you won’t find me getting up for karaoke any time soon.

What’s your favourite television show?

Probably Geordie Shore! Jersey and Geordie Shore are both really good.

Who’s got the best banter in the dressing room?

Cauley [Woodrow] is funny. He turned up in a onesie recently so all the boys strapped it up against the ceiling! We murdered him for that. Josh Passley, as well, is really funny.

Apart from Cauley’s questionable style choice, who’s the best and worst dressed in the squad?

The worst used to be Josh but he’s improved now, in fairness. Liam Donnelly comes out with a few odd colours. Best dressed is a difficult one, I don’t know who I’d say for that.

Who’s got the best skills in the squad?

Probably Tank. Me and him are always doing kick-ups together because I’m quite skilful as well. But on the pitch, as well, he’s got the skills as he’s great with the ball at his feet. He’s got a good range of tricks.