Academy Insight: Stephen Arthurworrey

Sunday 30 December 2012 09:30

In getting to know some of the Club’s younger players, pays a regular visit to our Under-21 and Under-18 squads to put our starlets in the spotlight. Today it’s the turn of 18-year-old defender Stephen Arthurworrey.

How’s this season going for you?

This season has gone really quickly. We’ve done quite well in the league apart from a little dip in form in October. I have to say it’s going well at the moment, though, and hopefully that will continue.

Who are you closest to at Fulham?

Josh Passley. He’s my defensive partner and we’ve both been at the Club for a long time. We’ve both been here for about seven years – he arrived a couple of months before me.

Which team did you support growing up?

Arsenal. I’m from Hackney so I could also have chosen West Ham United or Leyton Orient but I went for the Gunners.

What was the first football shirt you owned?

An Arsenal one with Henry on the back.

What’s your nickname at Fulham?

Big Dog. Just because I’m big I guess!

What’s your favourite film of all time?

The Dark Knight.

What would be your karaoke song of choice?

Something by The Temptations. My Girl perhaps.

What’s your favourite television show?

I love to watch NFL. It’s a good game, tactically and physically. I like the close games though, I can’t watch ones where a team is getting thrashed. The matches are shown at pretty weird times over here but I’ve got an NFL Game Pass so I can catch up on it online.

In turning your attentions to your teammates, which one makes you laugh the most?

Lyle Della Verde. He’s the Mario Balotelli of our squad.

Who out of the squad is the best and worst dressed?

The best dressed is Max Oberschmidt. For the worst, I’d have to go for Lyle. He always wears the same Fulham jacket and the first trousers he can find.

Which player has the most in his locker on the tricks front?

Muamer Tankovic. He’s very skilful.

And finally, as your career moves forward, what’s the one piece of advice that you remember above the rest?

When in doubt, kick it out! No, always try your hardest, give 100 per cent and never stop running. It’s something a lot of people have told me down the years.