Chicks Predict - The Results

Tuesday 25 June 2013 09:29

We've crunched the numbers to find out which of Fulham's Mystic Chicks were worth a flutter, or crying fowl in 2012/13.

The Chicks have certainly earned their corn this season as one of the environmental based initiatives aimed at enhancing an ecologically-friendly environment throughout the Club. The hens are farmed for their eggs in a free range environment that has result in a higher quality egg for consumption by the players and staff, but they also turn their beaks to clairvoyancy as well – and the results are in!

The chicks – much like the First Team - began well with nine of their first 12 correct and a run of six straight right answers! But they suffered a mid-season slump which saw them finish up with six of their last seven results wrong.

Of all the hens - George Co-Hen; Mark Squawkzer; Mlad-hen Peck-ric; Brede Hen-geland; Kier Hen-Richardson; Hugo Rodall-egg-a; Sascha Rooster; Step-hen Kelly – there is one who has her head above the rest in terms of the pecking order: Mark Squawkzer.

Squawkzer managed to get 58% of her 12 predictions correct, while also topping the table in predicting Fulham to win (getting three of her four efforts - 75% - right).

By far the most prolific (possibly just the hungriest) of our chicks was George Co-Hen. She gobbled up the feed 15 times but was only able to get the score right 33% of the time; when it came to predicting a Fulham win she managed only 40%.

There were two chicks who maintained a 100% record, although they only beat the others to the feed on one occasion each.  Kier Hen-Richardson and Hugo Rodall-egg-a both found success but Rodall-egg-a’s prediction of a 1-0 win at White Hart Lane takes the prize as the most impressive!

Chicken skipper Brede Hen-geland and the potent Mlad-hen Peck-ric managed 33% of their efforts but they didn’t coincide with a Fulham win and in last place, failing to rule the roost, were the pair of Sascha Rooster and Step-hen Kelly who did not make a prediction all season.

Barclays Premier League

Team Date Chicken Prediction Actual Result Success?
Norwich City (H) 18/08/2012 George Co-Hen Fulham 5-0 CORRECT
Man Utd (A) 25/08/2012 George Co-Hen Fulham 3-2 FALSE
West Ham (A) 01/09/2012 Brede Hen-geland West Ham 0-3 CORRECT
West Bromwich Albion (H) 15/09/2012 George Co-Hen Draw 3-0 FALSE
Wigan (A) 22/09/2012 Mark Squawkzer Fulham 2-1 CORRECT
Man City (H) 29/09/2012 George Co-Hen Draw 1-2 FALSE
Southampton (A) 07/10/2012 George Co-Hen Draw 2-2 CORRECT
Aston Villa (H) 20/10/2012 Mark Squawkzer Fulham 1-0 CORRECT
Reading (A)  27/10/2012 Mark Squawkzer Draw 3-3 CORRECT
Everton (H) 03/11/2012 Mark Squawkzer Draw 2-2 CORRECT
Arsenal (A) 10/11/2012 George Co-Hen Draw 3-3 CORRECT
Sunderland (H) 18/11/2012 George Co-Hen Sunderland 1-3 CORRECT
Stoke City (A) 24/11/2012 Brede Hen-geland Draw 0-1 FALSE
Chelsea (A) 28/11/2012 Mark Squawkzer Draw 0-0 CORRECT
Tottenham (H) 01/12/2012 Brede Hen-geland Fulham 0-3 FALSE
Newcastle United (H) 10/12/2012 George Co-Hen Newcastle 2-1 FALSE
QPR (A) 15/12/2012 Mark Squawkzer Fulham 1-2 FALSE
Liverpool (A) 22/12/2012 George Co-Hen Fulham 0-4 FALSE
Southampton (H) 26/12/2012 Kier-Hen Richardson Draw 1-1 CORRECT
Swansea (H) 29/12/2012 Mark Squawkzer Swansea 2-1 CORRECT
West Bromwich Albion (A) 01/01/2013 Mark Squawkzer Fulham 1-2 CORRECT
Wigan (H) 12/01/2013 Mark Squawkzer Wigan 1-1 FALSE
Man City (A) 19/01/2013 George Co-Hen Draw 2-0 FALSE
West Ham (H) 30/01/2013 George Co-Hen Draw 3-1 FALSE
Man Utd (H) 02/02/2013 George Co-Hen Draw 0-1 FALSE
Norwich City (A) 09/02/2013 Mark Squawkzer Norwich 0-0 FALSE
Stoke City (H) 23/02/2013 George Co-Hen Fulham 1-0 CORRECT
Sunderland (A) 02/03/2013 Mladhen Peckric Fulham 2-2 FALSE
Tottenham (A) 16/03/2013 Hugo Rodall-egg-a Fulham 0-1 CORRECT
QPR (H) 01/04/2013 Mark Squawkzer QPR 3-2 FALSE
Newcastle United (A) 06/04/2013 Mladhen Peckric Newcastle 1-0 CORRECT
Aston Villa (A) 13/04/2013 Mladhen Peckric Fulham 1-1 FALSE
Chelsea (H) 17/04/2013 Mark Squawkzer Draw 0-3 FALSE
Arsenal (H) 20/04/2013 Mladhen Peckric Arsenal 0-1 CORRECT
Everton (A) 27/04/2013 Mladhen Peckric Fulham 1-0 FALSE
Reading (H)  04/05/2013 George Co-Hen Fulham 2-4 FALSE
Liverpool (H) 12/05/2013 George Co-Hen Draw 1-3 FALSE
Swansea (A) 19/05/2013 Mladhen Peckric Draw 0-3 FALSE

FA Cup with Budweiser

Team Date Chicken Prediction Actual Result Success?
Blackpool (H) 05/01/2013 George Co-Hen Fulham 1-1 FALSE
Blackpool (A) 15/01/2013 Sascha Rooster Fulham 1-2 CORRECT
Manchester United (A) 26/01/2013 George Co-Hen Draw 1-4 FALSE