McBride Discusses Dallas

Monday 25 March 2013 12:30

Fulham favourite Brian McBride was delighted to learn that our young Whites are currently stateside competing in the 2013 Dallas Cup.

It’s a tournament that our popular former Captain knows well having played in it as a youngster, and he believes it can only stand our Academy boys in good stead for the future.

“I’ve got great memories of playing in the Dallas Cup,” Brian told “To see a tournament of that size and stature here in the States, and to be a part of it at the highest level, was exceptional.

“It’s a great experience as a young player because you’re playing against some of the top competition in the world. For me, I was playing as part of a very small club but for a Club like Fulham it’s only going to help these guys to understand what’s ahead of them; the challenge of playing against different styles and different formations that sometimes you don’t see in your own country.

“It’s a great experience - I remember we played a team from Bolivia that had won it a few times and everybody was coming into the game saying, ‘wow, what’s it going to be like?’ We came off at half-time leading 1-0 thinking ‘alright, we can do this,’ and then they came out and whacked us 5-1!”

The cup plays host to teams from across the globe and the 95-cap former United States international hailed the merits of competing in the tournament.

“Most of the soccer players here know about it,” Brian explained. “The higher-level youth soccer players all want to be a part of it and want to be invited so when you get the invite, it’s pretty special here in the States.

“I wish the boys all the best and hope they enjoy every aspect of it because it’s not just the on-the-field stuff where you have fun and learn, but off the field you get to meet people from lots of different countries who you wouldn’t necessarily get to meet in a normal setting, so it’s an incredible time.”