Ivor's Tache Returns

Wednesday 6 November 2013 13:30

Fulham legend Gordon Davies is re-growing his famous moustache to support Movember this month, as Jonathan Sim explains.

When I first started going to football regularly, real men stalked the pitches of the UK. They were real men resplendent in manhood threateningly tight shorts, nipple chaffing tight nylon shirts and, more often than not, they had moustaches. 

Players like Frank Worthington, Kenny Burns, Graeme Souness, Dave Swindlehurst…. the list goes on and we had a fair few down at the Cottage too. The most lustrous surely belonged to Peter O’Sullivan, who was part of Malcolm Macdonald’s revolution in the early 1980s, surely a period where upper-lip tomfoolery was at its peak, at least for the post-war generation? Peter boasted a carefully pruned mo’ to be proud of, although the same can’t be said of Brian Greenaway, who fell into ‘lame-mo’ territory if I remember correctly – a strangely translucent effort barely visible to all but his closest friends.

Other notables include Tony Gale, who flirted with an ill-advised Jason King style number, Steve Hatter, Peter Kitchen (our big-money signing from Orient in 1979 had various moustache-related clauses actually written into his contract), Kevin Lock and the one and only Gordon Davies. Although it did mutate into a beard occasionally, the enduring image of my all-time Fulham favourite is in that OSCA branded white shirt with black shoulders, wheeling away with a moustachioed grin across his dashing boat. Ivor’s moustache is iconic, he wore it SO well. There was only room for one mo’ed up striker in our hearts. Perhaps that’s why we didn’t take to the terrifyingly ginger moustache of John Watson in the late 1980s? 

Well the good news is we can all start growing moustaches again because it’s that time of the year! Football has been embracing Movember for a number of seasons now as you may have noticed. Even Michael Owen sprouted one last year. He may have looked a bit like Teenwolf but he was part of a growing global movement that aims to raise the profile of men’s health. Last year’s fundraising amounted to over £27m in the UK (£92m globally), through the simple act of sponsoring a top lip for 30 days. 

And for Fulham fans, we can reel back the years and enjoy the fact that Gordon Davies is re-growing his moustache! Now stalking the Riverside Stand’s corporate lounges as opposed to the opposition’s penalty boxes, Gordon has agreed to cultivate Fulham FC’s finest piece of facial hair once more to raise money for Movember.

If you’d like to join his Fulham FC Mo Bros team, or donate to the cause, you can do here; http://uk.movember.com/mospace/8485989 and do your bit to accelerate outcomes for men living with prostate and testicular cancer in the UK.