Digital Membership

Tuesday 8 October 2013 12:30

A Digital Membership pulls you closer to the Club, providing you with not only ticket access, but all the latest news and exclusive Fulham content delivered straight to your inbox!

Presenting one of our two Fulham Faithful Adult Membership packages for 2013/14; Digital Membership.

This season, Fulham Members have access to those all-important home match tickets at the same time as Season Ticket Holders, allowing you the opportunity to secure some of the best seats at Craven Cottage.

A Digital Membership will also provide you with all the latest news and exclusive content directly from Fulham – with an exclusive monthly Newsletter delivered straight to your inbox.

What’s more, your Membership entitles you to a digital copy of our Club magazine, Fultime, which is released three times a year. Packed from cover to cover with in-depth features on all aspects of the Club, the publication - offbeat and light-hearted, as well as serious and revealing - gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the Club that they simply won’t find elsewhere. The next issue of Fultime is out later this month!

There are many more incentives to enjoy with a Digital Membership, and at just £30 this package is perfect for both our domestic and international supporters!

There’s never been a better time to belong to the Fulham Faithful – sign up to a Digital Membership today!