Club Statement

Tuesday 30 September 2014 15:00

Chairman Shahid Khan today named a five-person search committee to provide guidance and leadership in identifying and reviewing candidates to serve as the next First Team Manager of Fulham Football Club.

Khan said two weeks ago that he will lead the search and ultimately appoint the position, but would seek counsel from qualified football people from within, close to or outside the Fulham organisation. In the case of all five committee members, knowledge of and respect for the traditions and standards of Fulham was a must for consideration.

“I’ve got the right five men to help us find the right man for Fulham,” Khan said. “They each bring something similar, and yet unique, to the search. They understand what we want to achieve and they’re committed to the process. And they very much respect Fulham. They know this is a special job for a manager and they want to play a role in making sure we get this right for everyone who plays for Fulham or loves the Club. And we will.”

The members of the committee, in alphabetical order:

David Daly.  Daly is Senior Director of Club and Federation business at Nike. He is a lifelong Fulham fan who, as a child, regularly attended matches in the Hammersmith End and continues to be a Season Ticket Holder from his office in Amsterdam. Daly’s keen understanding of the Fulham culture and professional experience in the world of football will offer a distinctive point of view in the managerial search.

Huw Jennings.  Jennings has more than 20 years of experience of developing young talent for the professional game. He is responsible for managing the Category One-ranked Fulham Academy programme through the U21 level, covering areas from player acquisition and contracts, staff engagement and deployment among many other important duties. Jennings’ views on ensuring continued player development at the First Team level will be valuable in the managerial search.

Brian McBride.  A popular captain at Fulham and hero for the United States men’s national team, McBride remains linked to the international game and his passion for Fulham is as vibrant as ever. Given the rich history of U.S. talent at Fulham, McBride’s service to the Chairman and search committee will strengthen that connection as Fulham rebuilds for the future and ultimately eyes global growth.

Danny Murphy.  The spirited former captain at Fulham and based in London, Murphy is only recently removed from his playing career and therefore offers an important point of view on what will work best for a manager in today’s football environment and, in particular, at a club with the tradition and respect as Fulham. Murphy’s love for Fulham and desire to contribute to his former club are both unqualified.

Niall Quinn.  A former Ireland national team star, Quinn briefly attended the Fulham Academy before playing 17 seasons in English football with Arsenal and Manchester City before landing at Sunderland, where he would forge an impressive career as a player, manager and chairman. In his first season as chairman, in 2006-2007, Quinn led the Black Cats back into the Premier League and kept the club there for six seasons. Quinn was heralded at Sunderland for his ability to connect community with club.

All five committee members spoke last week with Khan, and all but McBride met in London within the past few days with Mark Lamping, the president of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League and a non‑executive director on the Fulham Board of Directors. Khan met with Daly last month in London, and Khan and Lamping met with McBride during the summer at a United States men’s national team match in Jacksonville.

Last week, Khan told Kit Symons, the current Caretaker Manager, that he is considered a candidate to assume the role of First Team Manager on a full-time basis.

“But this will be an exhaustive, thorough and deliberate process,” Khan said in his programme notes on Saturday, Sept. 20. “No decisions will be made for the sake of deadlines or convenience. I plan to summon a number of qualified advisors for input, some within or close to the Fulham family and others who will bring a perspective from outside the Club. In the end the decision will be mine, but the choice will be made with the benefit of excellent and highly respected counsel. This process is already underway and I look forward to tackling the challenge and opportunity ahead.”