Jokanović: Exciting Times

Wednesday 30 December 2015 15:45

In his first press conference as Head Coach, Slaviša Jokanović revealed his eagerness to join Shahid Khan’s Fulham project.

The Serbian, having watched his new team defeat Rotherham United the night before, was officially unveiled before the media on Wednesday afternoon.

“I am very excited,” he told the gathered reporters. “I believe it’s a great chance for me, to have a chance working for a historical club like Fulham. I believe I’m going to have an exciting time in front of me.

“My job is very clear; people expect me to improve my team, try to push this team to fight for more important targets, and I am ready. I believe in myself, I believe in this Club, I believe in these people. Let’s do it and push hard.”

But when asked specifically what those targets were, Jokanović said that it’s important to focus on the immediate future at the moment.

“The target is simple, it’s the next game, Sheffield Wednesday [on Saturday],” he explained. “And after some days, some weeks, some months, it will be clearer what our targets are. I’m ready for what’s in front of us.

“I understand how Fulham started this season in the summer, like 70 per cent of the Championship teams who want to be a promoted team.

“It’s not time to forget this season and start thinking about next, it’s definitely not, but we need to be thinking about short steps and Sheffield Wednesday, and after that game the FA Cup, and after that the next game that is in front of us.”

After Kit Symons left the Club, Fulham went seven weeks before announcing the appointment of Jokanović, who was keen to thank Mr Khan and Mike Rigg, amongst others, for their efforts throughout what was a complex process at times.

“Fulham made the first contact with Maccabi and asked for permission to start talking with me,” he stated. “It’s not an especially short period, we are talking about a few weeks.

“I know I was the first choice for the Club. Especially I need to say thank you for the people at the Club who made many efforts to push hard from the beginning to bring me here.

“It was a little bit complicated, a long process, but fortunately now I am here ready for the challenge and ready to help Fulham.”

Jokanović – who has agreed an 18-month deal – has been joined by analyst Alberto Escobar, and will soon welcome Javi Pereira to the Club as well.

“I came here with Alberto,” he said. “We arrived yesterday and my first assistant [Pereira] will arrive next Saturday after our Sheffield Wednesday game.”

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