Kit's Charlton Preview

Friday 2 October 2015 15:00

Kit Symons is pleased that Fulham have another game coming up so quickly after the defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

A below-par showing saw the 10-man Whites slip to a 3-0 defeat on Tuesday, but attentions now turn solely to the weekend’s trip across South London to face Charlton Athletic.

“You’ve got the high of Friday night with the QPR performance and result, and then the low of Tuesday, which was very disappointing for everyone,” Symons said in his pre-match press conference. “But we move on from that and go into a great game for us now, Charlton away, live on the telly on Sunday, so we’re looking forward to that.

“The great thing about the Championship is the games come thick and fast, so we had the disappointment of Tuesday and straight away we’re into a big game, a London derby, on Sunday.

“So it’s a fantastic opportunity for us as a football club to bounce straight back. All the players and everyone at the Club, all my staff, are fully focused on getting the right result on Sunday.

“We were in the next day [after Wolves], we went through the video of the game and put it to bed really. Going into it obviously everyone was very buoyant after recent performances and the QPR result, so I’ve not let Tuesday night detract too much from that.

“It’s a very positive place, training’s been excellent subsequently and will remain to be so. We’ll write that one off as a blip, as a one-off, and move on from there.”

The loss at home to Wolves came as something of a surprise after the blistering display against Queens Park Rangers, and Symons admitted he is keen for Fulham to start putting together some winning runs.

“It’s just about getting a bit of consistency,” he explained. “Anyone can beat anyone in the Championship, it’s such a tight league, so it is just getting a bit of consistency, getting on a bit of a run.

“We spoke after Wolves about how there was a euphoria about the place after the QPR win, and how I didn’t really want that. It’s a win, brilliant, but it’s three points and we move on.

“That’s what we do and it needs to become almost second habit getting those three points. Sometimes we’ll play really well and get three points, other times it might be a scrappy game and we nick it, but whatever, it’s three points and we need to make sure that becomes the norm.

“We have to grind out results when we need to. If we’re able to play fluid silky soccer, fantastic, but that won’t always be the case in this league and we need to find a way of getting the results when it’s not always going our way necessarily.

“This group of players are brilliant, they’re really good characters and I’m very happy with what we’ve got in the building and the people I’ve got around me, and we’ll get there.”

The summer saw a heavy turnover of players at the Club, but Symons insists that the group he has at his disposal now have the capabilities to turn Fulham into a real force.

“I think the most important thing is getting the right personalities, the right players, in,” he stated. “And I’m delighted we’ve done that.

“But then to get the cohesion that I think you need to become a top team, it does take a little bit of time for that process to work. But the most important thing is getting the right people in.

“If the dynamic’s not right, you can give it all the time in the world but the cohesion will never come. But I think getting the personnel right, like we have done, it’ll come.

“I love the process, the way we actually work, the build-up to games, the rest and recovery we give the players afterwards. The way they’re treated I think is fantastic, so if you’ve got the right people and the right process, ultimately it leads to the right outcome.”

With the loan window still open, Symons was asked if he’s close to adding any new faces to his squad, to which he replied: “Not particularly, no. There’s a few people we’re speaking to but I wouldn’t say anything’s imminent. 

“We’re still looking at the loan market and who we can bring in, who’s available, and who would be additive to the squad, and that’s the key to it.

“We’ve got a decent sized squad now; people are coming back to full fitness, and I wouldn’t want to just add a number by any stretch. But if we can get the right person in, brilliant.” 

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