Head Coach Reaction

Saturday 9 April 2016 18:03

Slaviša Jokanović was pleased to see his Fulham side up their game in the second half against Cardiff City, and earn three points in the process.

Lex Immers had given the visitors the lead going into the break, but Scott Parker and Emerson Hyndman struck right at the beginning and end of the second period to secure a third consecutive 2-1 triumph for the Whites.

“I believe we deserved to win this game,” Jokanović said. “In the first 45 minutes we were not aggressive enough and we weren’t brave enough.

“In the second half we decided to press higher up the pitch and started to play a shorter game.

“We played very well in the second 45 minutes and created many chances and Emerson scored the late goal to give us the three points.

“We didn’t play well in the first half and this certainly could have been my mistake. We started by playing a more direct game with long passes.

“This is not what we want to do. When we started to find the balance it was a lot more positive.

“We generally have a target to play in the way that we did in second half.”

Hyndman’s 93rd minute strike was his first goal in professional football, and his Head Coach was full of praise for his efforts on what was his 20th birthday.

“Two different players scored our goals today,” he stated. “Today it was Emerson’s birthday so he has had a great present for himself and for all of us.

“He is probably one of our most talented players. I am a little bit disappointed in myself for not finding more minutes for him this year.

“I believe in front of him he has a brilliant future and he is a very talented player. He is quality on the ball. I believe in the future he can be a very important player for us.”

A 10-point gap has now opened up between Fulham and the relegation zone, but Jokanović wants to keep the performance levels going to continue giving the fans plenty to cheer.

“It is important for us because we haven’t given our supporters many good afternoons this year,” he explained. “It is important to keep going. We have had three huge games and in front of us are five games more.

“I am a positive guy and I believe that positive things can happen in the future. I am very satisfied with how my team is working hard each game.

“They worked and suffered against Preston. We didn’t play great football but we had character then and then again the second 45 minutes [against Cardiff].

“We have character to find our best approach and in the final games we will do that. After a few months together we are starting to get confidence.”

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