Jokanović Reaction

Tuesday 12 January 2016 23:15

Head Coach Slaviša Jokanović cursed the Whites' misfortune as another extraordinary strike consigned Fulham to defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Matt Doherty fired in a 35-yard rocket to give Wolves a 3-1 advantage in the 48th minute when Fulham were searching for an equaliser. Replays also showed Michal Zyro's second goal to be offside. Jokanović was at a loss to explain how the two goals could have been prevented by his team, and cited the general performance as a positive one.

“We try to find a way to win the points. We move the ball, we try to find the spaces in the defensive line of Wolves,” explained Jokanović.

“They score three goals which are difficult to explain. At the beginning we miss the ball and we make one mistake. The second goal, we don’t make any mistake but we concede a goal because other people make mistakes.

“Third goal, they score from 35 yards, it’s difficult to explain. It’s true, sometimes they catch us on the counter-attack because we take this kind of risk.

“We put our defensive line so high, we decided to try and play in the opposite half because it’s better to defend at this level. At the end we are a little bit disappointed.

“I expect we are going to be a little bit more solid, a little more concentrated, a little bit more confidence in the future. I cannot blame my players, they tried to follow the plan. At the end we lost the game but they make many positive things.”

“It’s important for us to be more solid, more confident and in some kind of situation, a little bit luckier in front of our goal and follow the plan to play the football in the opposite half. To try to be brave, and that is it. I expect in the future we are going to be a little bit luckier and win the games.”

Jokanović admits he is still searching for the winning formula but believes his blueprint of controlling the game in opposition territory will prove to be a successful one.

“I change because I am here 12 or 13 days and I try to find my way,” continued Jokanović. “My team is not playing the same was as Fulham played before. If you want to ask me how I am going to change the results, if this is the question, it’s more or less what we tried to do today.

“Change our situation by playing in the opposite half of the pitch, to have possession of the ball. We are a very good team with the ball and actually right now, very soft without the ball. It’s important for us to try to have more time with the ball in our possession. That’s part of the plan for the future.”

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