Les Strong Backs Cohen Cup

Thursday 10 August 2017 11:00

After his first introduction to the Fulham Memories programmes, former Fulham Captain Les Strong is back as the guest host of the second annual Cohen Cup.

In February 2017, the FFC Legend joined the Foundation at Craven Cottage for a special Fulham Memories session with some of the Whites’ longest standing fans. Now, he’ll show his support again as host of the annual 5-a-side tournament.

Speaking about the Cup, Les said: “As a good friend of George Cohen, who was instrumental in the launch of the Fulham Memories programme, I’m delighted to be a part of the tournament which will raise awareness and funds to support those with dementia.

“Having spent time with beneficiaries of the programme, the impact is clear to see and I’m pleased that our fans continue to back this worthy cause. I look forward to meeting participants and to an exciting day ahead.”

The Cohen Cup will take place at Fulham FC’s Training Ground on Sunday 17th September, 10am–2pm. For more information or to book a team, visit: fulhamfc.com/cohen66-cup.