Cairney: Fine Margins

Monday 18 December 2017 09:22

Tom Cairney spoke to after the match on Saturday about the disappointment of losing to Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

“I think it was a fairly tight match,” he commented. “There weren’t many chances in the game.

“We dominated large bits of possession, and it was one of those games where you have to take your chances.

“There’s one or two openings, take one of those and you go away with a 1-0 win, but we were on the other end of it.

“We couldn’t find the last pass, the last touch. We just couldn’t nick that goal.

“We couldn’t find the through ball or the cross, we kept getting into the box, but they would break it down and then clear it, so we’re disappointed.”

The Whites had won three of their previous four matches before travelling up to Sunderland, and Cairney knows a response is needed when we return to Craven Cottage at the weekend.

“We were feeling good coming into the game, but it’s tough,” he said.

"Every game in this league is tough and we knew it was going to be the same [against Sunderland], and it’s just a shame that we couldn’t make it four out of five wins.

“I think it is important that we get back on the training pitch and get back to the Cottage on Saturday and make sure we get a win there against Barnsley.”

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