Grant's Scotland Appointment

Friday 19 May 2017 12:30

Fulham’s PL2 Head Coach Peter Grant has been appointed Assistant Coach for Scotland’s Under-20 national side.

Competing at this summer's Toulon Tournament, Grant has been asked to assist Scot Gemmill’s Young Scots. He will also link up with Scotland in September for their Under-21s Euro Qualifiers.

“I’m just going to help the coaches,” Grant said about his appointment. “There are a lot of younger coaches and they asked if I would be interested in joining up with the group.

“I spoke to Fulham and the Club have been fantastic allowing me to do it, obviously the Club is the most important thing.

“My dream was always to play for Celtic FC as a kid, and my ultimate dream was to play well enough to represent my country, because that means you’re doing your very best at your club side.

“I was very fortunate to play for Scotland at every level including being a full international. If there was one thing that I got excited by, it was going on trips. I loved going to places, like the European Championships.

“We went to St Petersburg in Russia, we did one in England actually and went to places like Monaco, and played in tournaments when we were younger. Some of these places you’d never see in your life unless it was all through Scotland.

“I don’t think I ever missed a trip, its something I looked forward to and something I was very proud of, wearing the Scotland badge with pride.

“It was fantastic to represent them everywhere we went and I look back at some of the programmes and some of the players we played against at that time. They all became world famous footballers so it was fantastic, really good times and we were a very good side so it was something I really enjoyed."

He continued: “People are a wee bit remiss of the international teams because there is so much money, I can’t even remember if we got paid to play for Scotland because it didn’t matter, it was the fact that you’re representing your country. It’s a very proud achievement and something I always wanted from being a young boy.

“Scotland has a lot of young players, because we don’t have the finance of the Premier League where you can hold loads of players in squads, a lot of young players up here get the opportunity to play.

“It’s great experience for the young guys, going and playing against the best teams in a tournament like this. The first game we have is against Brazil, so that tells you. After that the Czech Republic and then Indonesia.

“Three different teams from three different parts of the world, and different styles of football. So for these young players it is fantastic and hopefully the experience I’ve gained over the years can help, and that’s all I’m there to do.

“To try and help and watch some young players get into the national team and back to the clubs and they can learn from this fantastic experience and go back and learn more.

“As we say at Fulham, ultimately we want to get our guys playing in the highest level we possibly can. I’m delighted the Club have let me go and do it, and the fact that I’m doing a busman’s holiday, as they say, doing a tournament through the summer time tells you how excited I am."

Fulham’s PL2 defender Aron Davies has been picked to represent Wales in the same tournament, and asked about the prospect of his team facing one of his club side’s mainstays, Grant responded, “I hope we get them and I hope he’s playing, that’s good enough for me to have some bragging rights!

“If we end up meeting each other it means we’ve both done really well as we will have both got to the Semi-Finals as that is the only place we can meet, so hopefully that will be the case.”