Head Coach Reaction

Friday 20 April 2018 22:51

Slaviša Jokanović said that he “must be proud” of his team for how they performed in the 3-0 victory over Millwall.

Second-half goals from Ryan Sessegnon, Kevin Mcdonald and Aleksandar Mitrović ensured that the Whites return to the Cottage with three very important points.

“I must be proud about how my team played,” the Head Coach said. “In the first 45 minutes, Millwall were strong and used their weapons, but we showed we could be solid. In the second half, we scored early and moved the ball a bit better. We stuck to our style and played a brilliant second 45 minutes.


“It’s not easy to play football in this place. The last time Millwall lost at home was in November.”


It was a tense game, as the home team tried to negate the Whites’ passing movement with physical pressure.


“We normally trust our style and dominate possession of the ball,” Jokanović said. “We showed great ambition and desire and stuck to our plan. I must be satisfied because my team followed the game plan and played with confidence. We deserved this result. 


“We didn't surprise them and they didn't surprise us. We knew what to expect. They pushed hard—they’re a physically strong team.


“My team showed confidence, solidarity and found a solution. We did a great job.”


Jokanović also praised his team for their spirit and was happy with how they bounced back after last weekend’s draw against Brentford.


“I trust my players and they trust me. Sometimes a plan works well. They are professional.”


Even though it was a complete team performance, the Head Coach made sure to praise Sessegnon when prompted—the teenager’s goal came at the perfect time to kickstart Fulham’s second-half flurry.


“Everything Sessegnon touches in the box usually ends up in the back of the net,” Jokanović said with a smile.