Young Whites: Connor McAvoy

Wednesday 29 August 2018 11:00

Having recently signed a scholarship with the club, Connor McAvoy has enjoyed a hectic few weeks. The young defender has started his first season of the Under-18 Premier League and recently earned his first cap for Scotland Under-18s. caught up with him to talk about his career so far.

“Being called up to Scotland was a shock for me, I got told a week before we left, and it was such a proud and fantastic experience for me. The season hadn’t really started so it was all a bit of a whirlwind. My dad rang me and said next week you’re going to Spain with Scotland, it was great.

“I wasn’t really excited or nervous on debut. Everything was going through my head. Is this real? Am I supposed to be here? I just wanted to do it for my family.

“I’ve been at Fulham since the age of eight, before that I was playing locally for Staines Town since I was four. Ever since I could walk I’ve been into the game, I wanted to be a footballer from there moving forward.”

McAvoy received a straight red card in Fulham Under-18’s draw against Southampton on Saturday.

“It’s a big step-up playing Under-18s football, there’s bigger kids, it’s quicker, stronger. It was a good game on Saturday we were good for the most part, it was silly of me to get sent-off, I’ll learn from it.”

The now Scottish International has a big career ahead of him and has an eye on how far he can progress with Fulham.

“I just want to play professional football at a good level. It’s everyone’s dream to be one of the best at what they do. Whether I’m in the Premiership or lower, as long as I’ve bettered myself.

“I didn’t have a certain player I admired, I just watched a lot of football. It was more the teams in how they played. I learnt a lot from Champions League football, which was the best players teaching me how to improve. I was a Fulham fan before I played here, which certainly helped give me a boost.

“I think I’m good on the ball, both footed. I’m quite composed and a good reader of the game which is important.”