Sidwell Q&A: Part Two

Friday 31 August 2018 11:00

In Part Two of our chat, Steve Sidwell recalls his delight at watching the Play-Off Final three months ago, and discusses where his loyalties lie this Saturday.

You were very vocal in your support for Fulham last season – just how happy were you to see us go up?

Oh I was buzzing, absolutely buzzing. It’s no secret that I didn’t want to leave when we got relegated, so I’ve kept a close eye on things and came down to the Cottage a lot when they were in the Championship. Fulham were easily the best team in the division for the last two years. You might say it’s been a blessing that it’s taken this long to get back because sometimes you need to get that experience with the lads gelling together, but now they’re back in the big time it’s brilliant. It was nice to be asked to do the message for the lads ahead of the Play-Off Final. I’ve followed them, and now they’re back I’ll be following them even more, and hoping to get down there to watch some games.

Where did you watch the Play-Off Final?

I was actually asked to do the Play-Off Final for Sky, but I couldn’t as I was on holiday in Dubai. There was a few Fulham fans out there actually in the sports bar in our hotel, so it was good. Obviously it was a little bit hard for me because ideally I would’ve loved both teams to have gone up seeing as I had connections with both but, for me, obviously I wanted Fulham to do it, and they did. Just watching the celebrations was great. I stayed behind to watch all the presentations and the interviews on the pitch because I love that. I’ve got such a connection with the football club, and some of the players still, so it was nice to see so many happy faces, not just on them but on the staff as well. It was brilliant.

Have you seen much of us this season?

I’ve seen all of the games; I saw Palace at the beginning of the season and Burnley on Sunday, and I did the Spurs one for TV. I’ve kept tabs on it all, and it’s exciting. It was obviously important that the lads got the win last week, because going into a new campaign you want to get those first three points under your belt as soon as possible. That was brilliant, and hopefully there’s many more to come – after the weekend!

I was going to say, where do your loyalties lie on Saturday?

I knew you were going to ask that question! I have to sit on the fence, surely?! Listen, I’ve got massive respect for both football clubs, and the main thing for me is that both of them stay up. I’m actually doing the game this weekend for BT Sport, so I’ll be watching it closely. Hopefully there will be plenty of goals, and it finishes in a draw!

What sort of game are you expecting?

I think it’s going to be very similar to how it was when we played each other in the Championship that year. To be honest with you, those two games you absolutely battered us twice. How we won those games… The lads still talk about it even now. It was ridiculous. Especially the game at the Amex, first half Brighton could have been 5-0 down. So I see goals on Saturday, obviously with the way Fulham play. We’ll obviously try and be strong at home and try and come out on the front foot, so all the ingredients are there for plenty of goals, and hopefully it will be an entertaining match.

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