Head Coach Reaction

Tuesday 2 January 2018 22:57

Slaviša Jokanović was pleased with how his team started the New Year, but hoped that the Whites wouldn’t have to rely on a comeback like that to win every game.

We need to concentrate more in this kind of situation, because after playing a brilliant half in the first 45 minutes to go into half-time 1-0 down is strange,” the Head Coach said, sounding a note of caution.

“We don’t need this kind of comeback like the one we played today. We need to score and to score first, before the opposition team.”

Still, Jokanović was happy with his team’s performance and how many chances they created.

On the other hand, I must be satisfied,” he admitted. “It’s probably one of the best performances from my team.

“We played very well, we moved the ball, and we were able to find some benefits when Ipswich had to play with one player less. Even when it was 11 versus 11 I believe my team played better. We deserved these three points.”

When asked about those wild eight minutes when the home team netted four goals, the Head Coach remained sanguine.

We played a very good game of football today,” he said. “We created more chances in that period of the second half than we did during the entire first 45 minutes. It’s great when my team works very hard to score the goals. We scored some quality goals.”

The Head Coach was full of praise for the goal scorers, too: “Ryan Sessegnon was twice in the right position. Ryan is probably the most talented player in this country at his age.

“His natural physical preparation is amazing. We have the opportunity to observe the beginning of one brilliant football career.

“And Aboubakar Kamara made a great effort and he’s fighting very well. We must be satisfied with his contribution over the last two games—he scored four goals. That’s good news for him, and good news for us too.”