Cairney: All I Ever Wanted

Friday 6 July 2018 14:30

Tom Cairney hopes to let his football do the talking now that he has signed a new five-year contract with the Club.

The Whites skipper signalled his intentions on Thursday evening when he put pen to paper on a deal that keeps him at Craven Cottage until 2023, with an option to extend by a further 12 months.

“I’m delighted to get it done in pre-season,” he told “I can just concentrate on getting as fit as possible now, and I’m just looking forward to getting the season started with this behind me.

“Five years is an incredibly long time in football. I’ve committed my future again to Fulham, and it’s all I ever wanted to do from the start.

“I did it last summer and I’ve done it again. I’ve just got to carry on improving as a player and give back to Fulham after the faith they’ve shown in me.”

When Cairney joined from Blackburn Rovers three years ago, he stated in his welcome interview that Fulham were a top flight side.

While he’s clearly delighted to have made that message a reality, he could never have envisaged the magical manner in which it would to fruition.

“When I came to Fulham in 2015 and said that, I did believe that this Club belonged here [in the Premier League], but to do it in the fashion that we did, I never could have dreamt of that,” he admitted.

“I couldn’t ask for a better way to do it, with better boys, and to do it as Captain is something special.”

That sunny Saturday at Wembley will never be forgotten by anyone associated with the Club, but one can only imagine what it must have been like to play in.

And like the rest of us, TC has spent much of his summer reliving it.

When asked how many times he’s watched the highlights, he replied: “Oh. My. God. Well, to be fair, they come up on my Twitter notifications nearly every day!

“I’ve watched that goal from many angles, I like the Spidercam one, that’s my favourite. I watched them all countless times – I don’t think it will ever get boring.

“Looking back now I wish I could soak more of it up. It kind of feels like a bit of a blur after the game. If I could go back to anything it would be the two minutes after the final whistle.

“I was begging the referee to blow up! I was asking him from about 85 minutes, every minute, how long was left.

“When he finally did blow it was weird. I cleared the ball, I had the last touch and I was the closest one to the ref so I heard it first and just ran to the fans and everyone followed.

“It was just crazy, there was a big pile-on in the corner. Things continued in the dressing room and then we all went out after – it was some night.”

On our way down from the press box to the pitch at full-time, encountered a beaming Mrs Cairney en route, and from speaking to Tom it’s abundantly clear that making his family proud means a hell of a lot.

“She was very emotional when I walked into the players’ lounge afterwards, my whole family was,” he recalled.

“Having taken your boy to football for years and years and years, and then seeing him score the winning goal at Wembley and lifting the trophy must have been an out of body experience for her. So yeah, it was very emotional.”

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