Football & Education Successes

Wednesday 14 August 2019 08:00

With exams results on the horizon, we are pleased to share the successes of the 2018/19 Football and Education programme.

Whether it’s further footballing opportunities, an apprenticeship, higher education, or entering the workplace, we’re committed to ensuring that each participant has an appropriate progression pathway following their two-year Football & Education programme.

Join us in congratulating the following 2018/19 student-athletes:

David – University: Mathematics (Cambridge)

Unai – Apprenticeship: Merchandiser (Arcadia Group)

Liam – Apprenticeship: PE & Sport Teacher with local Primary School

Rui, Adam, Ilyas – Gap Year

Arthur – Work: Manager (McDonalds)

Djamel – University: Business with Finance (Kingston)

Ethan – Apprenticeship: PE & Sport Teacher

Hubert – Football: Professional contract (Jagiellonia Bialystok, Poland)

James – University: Business & Economics (Manchester Metropolitan)

Sachon – Work: Business owner (SplashBands)

Shairy – University: Accounting & Finance (Middlesex)

Alex - University: BSc Business Management (Coventry)

Alpha - University: Foundation Degree Art & Design (Greenwich)

Denton - University: Football Business & Finance (UCFB)

Ethan - University: BSc Business Management (Coventry)

Hayden - University: BSc Business Studies (Northampton)

Imran - University: Law degree (East London)

Kane - University: BSC Sport Science (Kingston)

Micah - University: Computer science (Canterbury)

Peter - Apprenticeship: Carpentry (Nescot)

Stephen - University: Football Business & Finance (UCFB)

Jayden - University: BSc Sports Coaching (St.Marys)

Stephen - University: BSc Applied Sport & Exercise Science (Portsmouth)

We will soon be welcoming a new class of student-athletes. To register your interest please contact Steve Jaye, FFCF Football Development & Education Manager ( / 07789786700).