Equality & Diversity Survey

Tuesday 12 February 2019 17:02

The Club recently emailed supporters an equality and diversity survey. Thank you to those of you who have already completed the survey, there has been a great response so far with many fans taking part and providing their feedback.

This survey is due to close this Friday 15th and we encourage participation. There will be one more formal reminder email sent tomorrow morning. We will then refrain from sending any further reminders but hope that you choose to share your views with us.

We explained in the initial email the reasons behind this survey, which is anonymous. It will assist us to gather information on our supporters so that we can further improve the prospects of the stadium for those who are most in need. For instance, if we understand that a high proportion of our supporters consider themselves to have a disability it would be likely that we would make provision for additional ‘access’ based resources.

It may also be that we find we are under-representative of the LGBT community within our supporter demographics. We know that many other clubs have very strong links with their LGBT supporters groups and we would like to encourage the same and understand why we are under-represented – if indeed we are.

Please note that the emailed survey is entirely optional.