Saturday 26 August 2017, 2:00pm at Craven Cottage, London
Fulham FC
Adebayo 5'; Kwietnieski 75'
Aston Villa
Suliman 2'; Lyden 17'; Knibbs 76'

5' Goal

Elijah Adebayo

75' Goal

Mikolaj Kwietnieski

10' Yellow Card

Jayden Harris Card was given for a foul

90' 2nd Yellow Card

Jayden Harris Card was given for a foul

46' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Mikolaj Kwietnieski
Off:Dennis Adeniran

88' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Mattias Kait
Off:Stephen Humphrys

2' Goal

Easah Suliman

17' Goal

Jordan Lyden

76' Goal

Harvey Knibbs

64' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Alex Prosser
Off:Jordan Cox

45'+32 Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Kelsey Mooney
Off:Harvey Knibbs

Fulham lost 3-2 at Craven Cottage, after equalising twice, Villa grabbed all three points at the end.

Fulham, lost 3-2 at home to Aston Villa on Saturday afternoon at Craven Cottage. 

The Whites managed to equalise twice, the first through Elijah Adebayo and the second was an own goal forced by Mikolaj Kwietniewski. Jayden Harris was shown a second yellow and given his marching orders late on.

Villa prevailed to take all three points, finding a winner almost instantaneously after Fulham had equalised.

Straight from kick off, it didn’t take long for Aston Villa to get off the mark. In the first minute Villa won a free kick right of the box, and Jack Clarke floated a ball towards the back post. Easah Suliman headed it into the top left corner to take an early lead.

Fulham looked to respond quickly, Stephen Humphrys curled a cross into the area, George Williams ran towards the back post but Matija Sarkic came off his line to intercept the cross.

Adebayo found the answer in the fifth minute, Joe Felix crossed to the forward and he sent a powerful header into the back of the net to bring things level.

In the ninth minute, Thorsteinsson was at it down the left, causing the right-back trouble several times. He cut in on Oscar Borg and shot on sight. 

His effort was blocked well by a Villa defender, and the ball landed at Sean Kavanagh’s feet. The Irishman lashed a shot first time over the bar.

Humphrys then made several powerful runs through midfield, shooting with his left and right over the bar, looking to take his team ahead.

A minute later Villa broke down the pitch and Callum O’Hare worked his way into the box, Jayden Harris made a tackle which the ref harshly viewed as a foul, blowing his whistle and pointing to the penalty spot. He received a yellow card for his efforts.

Jordan Lyden Stepped up for Villa, he shot to Marek Rodak’s right. The Slovakian guessed correctly and made the save, however the striker followed up his shot and slotted the rebound into the back of the net to make it 2-1.

In the 22nd minute the Whites created a good chance, Matt O’Riley whipped a free kick from close to the corner into the box, Williams raced to get a flick on the ball but couldn’t get on the end of the cross.

Aston Villa countered quickly and O’Hare made a run into the box, beating several defenders and Rodak was called upon to rush out and extinguish his attack.

Right on the half hour mark Adebayo almost doubled his tally to bring the Whites level. Humphrys crossed a short ball to the frontman, he headed to the near post but Sarkic read it well.

In the 37th minute, Humphrys made another sterling run, this time down the right. He elected to shoot, but it was a tight angle at the near post and it was saved well.

A minute before the half time whistle, Williams demonstrated his intricate play around the box with Thorsteinsson, which ended with Dennis Adeniran blasting an effort over the bar, not getting the connection he was looking for.

The best chance to pull level again was in the 56th minute. Williams raced down the right and chipped a ball into the box. Adebayo rose up against Easah Suliman, and under severe pressure headed over the bar.

From a corner on the hour mark, the Trialist competed for a header from a corner, the ball was cleared to Harris at the edge of the box, and he lashed a shot just wide of the left post. 

In the 69th minute the Whites were pressing, having several shots in the box blocked that could have gone anywhere, it felt like the Whites would be next to score if there were a goal.

Four minutes later the crowd thought Fulham had levelled. Humphrys was fouled just inside the opposition half. Thorsteinsson took a clever free kick, spreading it wide to Kavanagh.

He in turn crossed into a packed box and Adebayo headed on target, the keeper made a brilliant save, and Humphrys tried to poke the rebound in but somehow it was kept out.

In the next minute Humphrys ran at goal, with a signature step over he blasted an effort that flew off the right post and back into play.

Kwietniewski, who had come on at the break collected the ball and curled a shot from the edge of the area. The Sarkic had been doing so well to keep Villa’s advantage, couldn’t do anything as the ball came took a deflection and went in off the left upright to level for the Whites.

The hard work was undone instantaneously, a poor clearance led to two Villa attackers bearing down on goal, and Knibbs passed a shot  into the back of the net to take the lead for the third time and final time.

In the 81st minute Villa almost replicated their last goal, the ball was cleared to Humphrys inside their own box, and the attacker tried to chip the keeper, but went too high.

There was action till right at the end, Rodak made another good save, and on the counter a ball was lofted to Adebayo, the keeper rushed out. Adebayo headed across goal to Mattias Kait, and as the Estonian attempted to shoot at the empty goal, he was charged down and blocked.

Villa cleared and Harris clipped the back legs of the midfielder with the ball. The referee showed no hesitation in pulling out a second yellow and sending the centre back off. The match concluded, with Villa returning to Midlands with all three points.

Match Information

Competition: PL2, Division 2

Date: Saturday 26 August 2017
Kick-off: 2:00pm

Venue: Craven Cottage, London


Line-up: Rodak; Felix, Harris, Trialist, Kavanagh; Adeniran (Kwietnieski 46'), O'Riley; Humphrys (Kait 88'), Williams, Thorsteinsson; Adebayo

Unused substitutes: Ashby-Hammond, Pearce, Elstone

Aston Villa

Line-up: Sarkic; Clark, Suliman, Bedeau, Borg; Doyle-Hayes, Lyden; Cox (Prosser 64'), O'Hare, Clarke; Knibbs (Mooney 45')

Unused substitutes: Watkins

Fulham (4-2-3-1)
  • 1Marek Rodak
  • 2Joseph Felix
  • 5Jayden Harris
  • 6Trialist
  • 3Sean Kavanagh
  • 8Dennis Adeniran
  • 4Matt O'Riley
  • 7Stephen Humphrys
  • 10George Williams
  • 11Jon Dagur Thorsteinsson
  • 9Elijah Adebayo
  • 12Taye Ashby-Hammond
  • 14Mattias Kait
  • 15Mikolaj Kwietnieski
  • 16Isaac Pearce
  • 17Michael Elstone
Aston Villa (4-2-3-1)
  • 1Matija Sarkic
  • 2Mitchell Clark
  • 5Easah Suliman
  • 6Jacob Bedeau
  • 3Oscar Borg
  • 8Jake Doyle-Hayes
  • 4Jordan Lyden
  • 7Jordan Cox
  • 10Callum O'Hare
  • 11Jack Clarke
  • 9Harvey Knibbs
  • 12Kelsey Mooney
  • 13Brad Watkins
  • 14Alex Prosser