Riverside Stand Exhibition

Craven Cottage hosted two exhibitions focusing on the design of the redeveloped Riverside Stand. If you were unable to attend, the following information features all of the details on display.

The Riverside Stand

During its long history FFC has spent 25 seasons in English football’s top division. For all involved with the Club the aspiration is to see a swift return to the Premier League.

In 2013 we secured planning permission to expand the Riverside Stand by 4,300 seats which would increase the overall capacity of the stadium to approximately 30,000 seats. This scheme can be developed at any time by the Club. However, the owner, Mr Khan, wants a design based on a new concept that will deliver a wide range of benefits both now and for future generations. These include creating a high quality new Stand for our fans and a world class leisure destination that significantly enhances the relationship with the River Thames.

Our emerging proposal

CGI of emerging Riverside Stand design

The new design delivers a quality riverside development – more than just a football stand next to the river. Consistent with the 2013 approved scheme, the proposal will include:

1. More seating for fans (not exceeding the 30,000 approved capacity)

2. A riverside walk following the approved line

3. Apartments at either end of the stand to create activity (9 are proposed)

AND it will also include:

1. A new design that better connects with the river

2. Restaurants, bars and other uses to create a leisure destination for use on match and non-match days

3. An iconic roof design

4. A basement for ‘back of house’ facilities and lounge space.

The new stand design will be lower than the maximum height of the approved design

Key proposed concept design principles

Sketch of proposed new riverside walkway – same extent as the approved walkway

Will the proposal affect me?

1. Wind: Testing is underway. Initial results show the wind effects will be similar to the approved scheme.

2. Noise: Similar to the approved scheme on matchdays. On non-matchdays more active use of the building will be managed to respect our neighbours.

3. Jobs & Community: New jobs and investment will be created in the local area. The restaurants and bars will be available for the local community.

4. Traffic: Similar to the approved scheme on matchdays. On non-matchdays the proposed restaurants and bars will encourage trips outside of peak hours and traffic will be a fraction of that on matchdays.

5. Lighting: Two existing floodlight masts will be removed and a new floodlighting system provided below the proposed roof. The additional glazing and increased non-matchday use will be managed through careful selection of materials to minimise light spill.

What happens now?

Indicative programme

The Riverside Development consultation period has now closed and we are currently reviewing the responses, alongside developing the design, in advance of submitting a planning application shortly.

If you would like to be kept informed of our progress, please leave your details by following this link.