Fulham FC Riverside Stand Redevelopment FAQs


Q: Where I can find the document detailing the proposal?

A: The Club’s planning document is available to download and view here.


Q: What happened to the previous plans?

A: In 2013 planning permission was granted by the borough to Fulham Football Club to redevelop the Riverside Stand to a capacity of up to 30,000. Since that permission was granted, the Club, guided by the Chairman, has worked through several designs to ensure that any plan submitted would best reflect the needs of the Club, the supporters, and the local residents. The most recent plans come after extensive and open dialogue between the Club and various stakeholders. In each version of the plans, several principles established by the original 2013 commission were used as starting points.


Q: Where will Fulham play its home matches while construction takes place?

A: Fulham is hoping to play all of its home matches at Craven Cottage during this redevelopment and will take every care to try to make sure that is the case.


Q: Who owns Craven Cottage?

A: Craven Cottage is owned by Fulham Stadium Ltd.


Q: Who will be overseeing the redevelopment project?

A: Fulham Football Club will be overseeing the project through its applicant, Fulham Stadium Limited. Populous Architects will be the architectural firm in charge of the redevelopment.


Q: Will this affect the protected historical status of the Johnny Haynes stand?

A: No. Fulham Football Club is proud of the Johnny Haynes Stand and its legacy as a protected architectural landmark in the centre of London. This redevelopment, while upgrading the facilities at Craven Cottage as a whole, will not have an effect the landmarked status of the Johnny Haynes Stand.

Next Steps

Q: Have these plans been submitted to the council?

A: Yes. On 1 December 2017, Fulham Football Club submitted its plans to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.


Q: What is the next milestone in the redevelopment process?

A: Fulham Football Club received permission at a planning application hearing held at Hammersmith & Fulham town hall on Tuesday 20th March and the Port of London Authority has also approved the scheme. The Club will be appointing a contractor for the works.


Q: When does the Club expect construction to begin?

A: The Club expects to commence main works in 2019.


Q: When does the Club expect construction to be completed?

A: On the projected timeline we have in place, the Club expects construction to be completed in 2021 and to open the redeveloped Riverside Stand to our fans in the 2021/22 season.


Building and Overall Design Specifics

Q: What will the new stand look like?

A: The redeveloped stand will incorporate many sleek, contemporary design elements into an overall scheme that is responsive to both Fulham’s history and the general river Thames location. The main features will be an iconic, cutting-edge roof that and a new façade that allows greater access to all of the new amenities that will be available throughout the stand.


Q: What materials will you use?

A: At the two wings of the building, the facades will blend in with the area and to emphasise the natural colour of the timber soffit to the main roof. The central area will include glazed, transparent doors. The facing materials will be a combination of aluminium louvres, glass-reinforced concrete panels, and glazing.


Q: Will you improve the riverside?

A: One of Fulham Football Club’s longstanding aims, since the beginning of the design process, was to ensure that any design the Club submitted would reopen the traditional riverside Thames walk, allowing for unimpeded movement from Stevenage Park to Bishop’s Park. This design fulfils that aim and allows supporters and residents alike to enjoy the beautiful waterfront area.


Q: How many new seats will the Club be adding?

A: Fulham Football Club will be adding up to 4,000 seats.


Q: How will this plan affect the floodlights?

A: This plan seeks to install lighting onto the structure of the Riverside Stand roof itself, thus making the need for floodlights on the river side of the stadium redundant.


Q: What other amenities will this plan include?

A: In addition to the redevelopment of the Riverside Stand itself, Fulham Football Club is adding nine new serviced apartments, bars, restaurants, and lounges.


Q: Will the facilities be open year round?

A: Yes, both match day and non-match day are important to the Club.


Feedback and Comments

Q: Has the club sought feedback during this design process?

A: Yes. Fulham Football Club has had many rounds of open and engaged dialogue with the varied stakeholders that have an interest in the area. These were fantastic conversations, and we’re happy and proud that we were able to incorporate some of the suggestions raised at these meetings into our final planning application.


Q: Are the results of that feedback publicly available?

A: Yes. Two public exhibitions were held on 12 October and 14 October 2017. Over 275 people attended and 461 questionnaires were completed either at the exhibition or online, with 95% of the respondents indicating they were in favour of the expansion.


Q: Will there be a forum for me to leave feedback and for general enquiries?

A: Yes. Fulham Football Club always wants to hear from its supporters and we welcome any feedback and look forward to responding to any enquiries. For communications regarding this redevelopment plan, you can contact us here: enquiries@fulhamfc.com


Q: How may I view the most recent plans?

A: The most recent plans are hosted on the stadium section of the website and can be found here.


Q: How can I stay updated during the construction process?

A: The best way to stay updated during this process is to check in with stadium section hosted on fulhamfc.com. We will also post updates on our social media channels.


Q: Why does the design include apartments?

A: The aim of the development is to create a vibrant and energetic space both on matchday and non-matchday and as with the previous scheme the Club feels a restricted number of apartments will help achieve this aim.


Q: What’s happening to my seats – during / after construction?

A: Once the Club secures planning permission we will work with the appointed contractor to determine the phasing of the construction to address seat availability. We will establish a working group via the Fulham Supporters Trust to keep fans involved on the various options both during and post construction.


Q: Will it be windy at the top of the stand – will there be sufficient shelter from rain?

A: Inevitably, there will be some wind on the roof terrace but we are working with the architects to ensure it doesn’t adversely affect matchday or non-matchday events.


Q: Will there be any works at the Hammersmith & Putney ends and when will these commence?

A: Yes, there will be some enabling works at both the Hammersmith and Putney ends to improve facilities and accessibility. These works will be scheduled once a contractor is appointed.