Ali Melloul

Professional Development Phase Manager & U18 Assistant Head Coach


I’ve been at the Club for 11 years now. I started off in the Foundation working on the college programme with boys 16-19 typically who hadn’t been successful in academy football. Primarily I helped these boys get an education or find a way back into football. I worked part time in the academy as an Under-10s coach, I then progressed to Under-13s coach. During that time, I was enrolled in the Elite Coaches Apprenticeship Scheme. This enabled me to become Phase Manager. 

I now have the opportunity to be in the Professional Development Programme (PDP) to support the delivery of the programme. I also help Steve Wigley with the everyday coaching of the Under-18s.

The Role:

The role of a Phase Manager is to support the transition of players. The main function is to assist the players in the top end of the YDP (Under-16s) to move into the PDP in the Under-18s through the multi-disciplinary approach.

We always need to know what the players’ development targets are and that they are met through the years. Players change coaches so I need to embed consistency into their journey. There isn’t a one size fits all for players, the biggest jump is from the 16s to the 18s, so I work closely with the new scholars. Juggling studying and a strenuous programme is hard so we need to help them make that jump to being out on the grass every day.