International Supporters Clubs

Official International Fulham Supporter Clubs

Fulham Football Club currently has Season Ticket Holders and Members in over 40 countries, spread right across the globe.

For Fulham fans based abroad it has never been easier to establish an International Members Club, or to join an existing one.
Further information on the benefits of Membership and how to apply

FFC Sweden - Sweden 

Club Secretary : Niclas Bylund
Website :|  
Email :|

FFC Sweden is already in its fifth year as a Supporters Club for Swedish Fulham fans and being affiliated officially with the Club will help us to grow further. The added benefits of affiliation help to boost the values of being a member both in FFC Sweden and in the International Members Club as a whole.

FulhamUSA - USA 

Club Secretary : Chris Tibbles
Website :||

We at FulhamUSA wanted to show our support for the best football team in the world. Our membership is open to all, regardless of where you may live. Fulham has a substantial following across the pond and we wanted to do something official to show our support.

The Fulham Exiles - USA

Club Secretary :
Stephen Osmond
Website :|  
Email :|  

“We established ourselves as an official Members Club to increase awareness and the number of visitors to the Fulham Exiles website. We also wanted to help improve communication between the Club and its Members.”

Dutch Fulham Members Club - the Netherlands 

Club Secretary: Michiel Hageman

Website: Dutch Members Club on Cottage Corner|


"United as one, the Dutch members club support Fulham FC. We try to recreate the feeling of being at the Cottage.. feel part of the game! At least once a year we will come over with the members club and create a special ambiance at the Cottage! Feel free to join the Dutch Members Club."

Fulham Members Club Norway - Norway 

Club Secretary: Eirik Bilet



Fulham Supporters Club Norway established ourselves as an official Members Club to increase the level of awareness around the club and help us grow further. The added benefits of the affiliation brings us even closer to the club we love.

FFC Australasian Whites - Australia & New Zealand

Club Secretary: John Gillies


FFC Australasian Whites is for all Fulham fans from or living in Australia and New Zealand. Our official affiliation with the club has helped us grow a strong base of members in Australia, New Zealand and Living in the UK who regularly attend home and away games or meet up in AUS or NZ for games. If your coming to the UK and want to come to join us for a game, get in contact!


FFC Italian Cottagers

Club Secretary: Luca Rossi

A few years ago along with a group of friends we created an unofficial supporters club as the number of Fulham Fans in Italy was finally starting to grow. The great Europa League run of 2009/10 helped creating a stronger fan base for Fulham in Italy.

Over the last few years we founded an on line forum| to discuss all thing Fulham, a simple blog| and just recently we set up a Facebook Community of the Italian Cottagers (|). 

Finally we’ve been able to reach the magic number of 10 official members and so we finally made it as Official International Members Club.

FFC Tampere Finland

Club Secretary: Juha Yrjölä

FFC Tampere Finland is for all Fulham FC fans based in Finland wanted to be part of an Official International Members' Club. We will arrange trips to the Cottage each year to cheer on the boys. 


FFC Denmark

Club Secretary: Jesper Schwartz||

Fulham FC Members’ Club Denmark has decided to launch an International Members’ Club in Denmark because of the unity and passion they have for Fulham FC.

One of the goals is to achieve good teamwork between Fulham FC Members’ Club Denmark, and the Nordic FFC Members’ Club. They wish to pursue relationships for Fulham FC in Denmark and grow the Danish supporter base.

Fulham FC Germany

Club Secretary: Guido Bahr|

Fulham FC Members’ Club Germany is aiming to help Fulham grow worldwide and they want to continue to expand

the fan base in their country. 

Fulham NYC

Club Secretary: John Ponessa


English football is now shown in countless bars across the country. The next logical step within this soccer culture is the formation of groups supporting their respective football teams.

Fulham Football Club has always greatly respected American football players and has risen exponentially as a club over the past decade.

The Football Factory at Legends is home to many supporters clubs. As we slowly discovered drifting fans of Fulham we found we had gathered a core group of people that had both passion for the Club and dedication to supporting the team every single weekend.

Chicago Cottagers

Club Secretary: Derek Bridges


As for why wanted to start the group, it was really about bringing together Fulham supporters to share our love of the club.  Many of us had been watching matches individually or with fans of other clubs.  Without an organized group, it could often be difficult to get bar owners to show Fulham matches unless they were playing a club with a large, organized fan-base.  By forming Chicago Cottagers' Association, we've not only been able to forge new friendships through FFC, but also guaranteed the chance to see our club play, growing the visibility of the club in Chicago and hopefully bringing more fans to the club and the sport.