Which Membership is right for me?

The Fulham Faithful is split into a variety of different categories, with each tier offering different incentives and benefits.


Faithful Membership – Get closer to Fulham with exclusive access to match tickets and offers throughout the season, including a £5 discount on all home Sky Bet Championship match tickets*. Receive all the latest Club information delivered to your inbox as well as the Club's monthly eNewsletter. You’ll also have the right, along with Season Ticket Holders, to attend fan events across the campaign, and receive exclusive ticket and retail discounts.

*£2 discount for Concessions - Young Persons (18-21 years) and Over 65s.


Formation (11-17 years), for our older junior supporters. This guarantees you an official Membership Pack, access to those all-important match tickets, exclusive offers, competitions and event invitations throughout the season, as well as all the latest Club information.

Fulhamites (0-10 years), Members of this group will receive a great Welcome Pack, access to match tickets, exclusive ticket and retail offers, competitions to win prizes and invitations to attend events throughout the season.


No matter where you live in the world, you can still join any of our junior and adult membership packages for the same price. We also offer the opportunity for supporters to set up their own International Members Club, or alternatively join an existing one. Click here for more information.

What benefits do I receive?

A full list of benefits for each type of Membership, can be found online.

Do I receive a Welcome Pack?

Junior Members – 'Fulhamites' and 'Formation' - will receive a Welcome Gift Pack as part of their registration. Delivery is expected for early August. All information will be posted on fulhamfc.com/membership.

There is no Welcome Pack as such for Adult Faithful Members, however they will receive a welcome gift, alongside a letter and their Membership card.

Can a Junior Membership be used to purchase adult tickets?

Yes, however the first ticket purchased will always be a junior ticket.

Tickets are available for the junior member friends and family can be purchased with a Junior Membership. 

Will my ticket be loaded onto my Membership card?

Yes, the ticket you purchase for yourself will be automatically loaded onto your Membership card.

Additionally purchased tickets will be supplied as paper tickets, and will either be posted to you, or can be collected from the Fulham Ticket Office.

Can I use my Membership to buy tickets for someone else?

Yes, but the Membership holder must be one of the attendees.

Can I link my Membership to Members who are my friends and/or family?

Yes. Linking your Membership with Friends and/or Family's Memberships will consolidate your ticket allowance, allow you to sit together* and book all tickets at the same time. 

A full guide on how to link with Friends and/or Family, can be found online.

*If possible at time of booking.

How many tickets can I buy?

The number of tickets a Member can purchase depends on their package, and the game itself. 

Allocations are displayed on the Ticket Information page for the fixture in question.

When can I buy tickets?

Tickets will be available to purchase from when the match of interest first goes on sale. 

As a Faithful Member you can purchase tickets at the same time as Season Ticket Holders. 

Is there a limit to the number of Memberships that can be used in one transaction?

Yes, only 4 Memberships may be used together in one single transaction.

How do I know when tickets are going on sale?

All information regarding allocations and on sale dates will be posted on fulhamfc.com

We will also tend to send adult members emails regarding on sale dates - providing they are opted-in for communication.

Commercial messages cannot be sent to anyone aged 16 or under, and therefore Fulhamites and Formation Members will not be able to receive ticketing updates.

Do I get discounts on home tickets?

Adult Members will receive a £5 discount on all home Sky Bet Championship home tickets. Over 65s and Young Persons (18-21 years) will receive a £2 discount. This discount applies to the ticket of the registered member only. To receive this discount, tickets must be purchased before 5pm the day prior to the chosen fixture.

Offers and other discounts will be displayed on the Ticket Information page across the season.

A full list of benefits, can be found here.

I am trying to buy a Membership and a match ticket online, but can’t see my discount – why?

When buying online, supporters must purchase their membership in an earlier or separate transaction in order to receive the £5 discount. The match ticket discount cannot be applied when Membership is made in the same transaction.

Can I use my Membership card at away grounds?

No. Membership cards can only be used at Craven Cottage. If you purchase a ticket for an away fixture, you will be issued with a paper ticket.

How long is my Membership valid?

A Fulham Membership lasts until 31st May 2018, regardless of when purchased.

I was a Fulham Member in 2016/17, do I need to buy a new Membership?

Yes. A Fulham Membership lasts only one season, and so in order to join this year, supporters will have to purchase a new Membership package.

I'm currently 17 years old, but will be 18 by the time the new season starts: what type of Membership do I buy?

The membership you purchase will be that applicable to your age at the time of buying. For example, if you buy as a 17 year old, you will be eligible for Formation Membership only. Any supporter aged 18 or over must purchase Adult Membership.

How can I buy Membership?

Membership can be purchased online, by phone on 0843 208 1234 (option 2), or in person from the Ticket Office at Craven Cottage, Stevenage Road.

How long does a Membership take to process/become active?

A Membership is active from the moment of your purchase.

Your card and/or Welcome Pack may take longer to arrive.

What happens if I lose my Membership card?

Should you lose your Membership card, a replacement can be issued by the Ticket Office. A £5 card replacement fee will apply.

Is Membership a guarantee that I'll be able to purchase tickets for games?

No, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain a ticket for any game, however having a Fulham Membership is your best chance of purchasing tickets for these games, if you are not a Season Ticket Holder.

Do you require proof of age for Junior Members?

When a Junior Member signs up, you will need to provide the Member's age, however you do not need to provide any other proof at this point.

Can I buy Membership for someone else as a gift?

Yes, Membership can be purchased as a gift, however you must provide the all details including full name, address & DOB of the Member when booking.

Is the Membership fee refundable?

No, unfortunately we are unable to refund any Membership purchases.

Can the Club cancel my Membership?

Yes. The Club reserves the right to terminate your Membership at any time, without refund, should you breach any of the Terms and Conditions.

I've moved house, how do I update my details?

You can save time and update your details by logging online at fulhamfc.com, and simply sign in by using your Client Ref or email address and password, and update your details. 

Alternatively, you can call the Ticket Office on 0843 208 1234 (option 2).