Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Fulham membership cards are not transferable. A membership card is only valid when used by the person to whom it is registered. Any breach of this term will entitle the club to demand the surrender and cancellation of the membership card with no refund issued.

2. The membership card remains the property of Fulham FC. Membership cards may not be sold, exploited for commercial use, or used for promotional purposes or campaigns without the express written permission of the club. 

3. All Fulham membership schemes are seasonal. The respective fee for each membership is therefore valid for one season only. Memberships purchased for use during season 15/16 shall expire on 31 May 2016.


4. The membership fee is for one season. The fee will not be reduced for new applicants wishing to join at any point once the season is underway. 


5. The club cannot accept any responsibility for membership cards that are lost or destroyed. Lost membership cards should be reported immediately to the Membership Department on 0843 208 1234 (option 2) (Calls cost 7 pence per minute). Replacements will only be issued in special circumstances and at a cost of £5. 


6. All members who purchase tickets must at all times comply with Fulham FC Ground Regulations, Supporters’ Charter and match ticket terms and conditions. Any violation of these or any other material act or omission by you or on your behalf which Fulham FC considers in its absolute discretion compromises the safety or enjoyment of any match and/or which in any way brings Fulham FC into disrepute may result in membership being withdrawn or cancelled.


7. All Adult membership applicants based in the UK must be on the electoral register and living at the address given on application. Fulham FC reserves the right to refuse an application if the name of the applicant is not registered at their stated address. The club also reserves the right to cancel without refund any memberships that are discovered to be registered to addresses that are not the primary residence of the card holder. 


8. The Club reserves the right to make a decision whether in the event of a cup-tie members joining once the draw has taken place are eligible to obtain ticket priority for that fixture. 


9. Fulham membership gives ticket priority at the same time as Season Ticket Holders for home games in the Sky Bet Championship and after Season Ticket Holders for away games, unless Loyalty Points are used as a means of determining eligibility.


10. Adult membership provides the registered member with a £5 discount on all midweek home Sky Bet Championship match tickets. To receive this discount, tickets must be purchased before 5pm the day prior to the chosen fixture.


11. Supporters must purchase their membership in an earlier transaction to receive the £5 discount. The match ticket discount cannot be applied when Membership is made in the same transaction.


12. The £5 adult match ticket discount is applied to the adult member’s ticket only.


13. The number of tickets available to purchase by individual members may vary on a match-to-match basis. It is the responsibility of the member to find out when tickets go on sale for each game, when the members' priority booking period commences and how many tickets they are able to purchase for that game. The club will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that every available club communication channel is utilised to provide ticketing information. 


14. A maximum of 4 membership cards may be used in one transaction (i.e. no more than 4 cards can be presented in one application). 


15. Fulham membership does not guarantee a ticket to each game and Fulham shall accept no liability whatsoever for any failure of a person to purchase a match ticket by virtue of his/her membership. It is recommended that you book your ticket at your earliest convenience to maximise your chances of purchasing a ticket for a match. 


16. All rights to priority regarding ticket sales for away games are at the discretion of the Club and membership does not guarantee tickets for any specific game.


17. Access for selected away match tickets will follow Season Ticket Holders, the Club will identify these on a match-by-match basis.


18. If Fulham FC suspects for any reason that the card is being used fraudulently or in bad faith to obtain match tickets, then the club retains the right to withdraw membership and/or ban the offending individual(s) from the Club.


19. Ticket priority for Junior Members extends only to applications for Junior tickets. Junior Memberships may be linked to Adult Memberships via ‘My Network’ to consolidate a ticketing allowance.


20. No refunds will be given in respect of membership fees, including where membership is withdrawn under clause 6 or 18 of these Terms and Conditions. 


21. If you are convicted of a ticketing offence, or we suspect you have committed a ticketing offence, we will notify the Football League and / or Sky Bet Championship and/or any other relevant authority, who in turn may notify the UK Football Policing Unit. The information that we share may include your details, information about the offence and about ticket purchases. We will use this to identify and prevent ticketing offence and disorder at matches. If you have any queries about this, please contact our Ticket Office 


22. Memberships will be processed within 10 working days. Cards and Welcome Packs (if applicable) may take longer to arrive.


23. You should check these Terms and Conditions regularly to ensure that you are aware of any amendments.  They will be available at The club reserves the right to make such amendments from time-to-time, in which case they shall be binding upon you in such amended form. 


24. Any Junior Membership prizes won over the season are non-transferable, and can not be used in place of something else.