Can I move my Season Ticket seat?

Yes subject to availability. If you wish to change your current Season Ticket seat, you can either select a seat from the current availability, or alternatively, wait for the exclusive Season Ticket Holder sale period. 

All current Season Ticket Holder seats will be held until 5pm, Tuesday 29 April after which time unrenewed Season Ticket seats will be released. From 10am, Thursday 1 May until 10am, Tuesday 6 May, unrenewed 2013/14 Season Ticket Holders are given exclusive access to purchase released seats.

You can select the best new seat from those available, finalise your move and also use the opportunity to introduce family and friends to sit with during the 2014/15 season.

Can I introduce a friend to become a Season Ticket Holder?

Yes. Unrenewed 13/14 Season Ticket Holders have the advantage to introduce friends and family during their exclusive access window to released seats, between 10am Thursday 1 May and 10am Tuesday 6 May by choosing from the following options: 
  • Buy online at in five easy steps:
  1. Create a new account for each friend or family member at (create unique Client Reference number for each fan, unless they already have one).
  2. Link them to your own Season Ticket account (using the ‘Friends and Family’ function).
  3. Log into your own Season Ticket account (you must be a  13/14 Season Ticket Holder, who hasn’t yet renewed).
  4. Select the exact seat(s) you want to buy (subject to availability).
  5. Purchase all the seats in one simple transaction (instalment plan options are available).
  • Call us on 0843 208 1234 (Option 3). Our Ticket Office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Please note lines are expected to be busy.
  • Visit the Ticket Office at Craven Cottage. Open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

How does exclusive access to released seats work?

From 10am Thursday 1 May until 10am Tuesday 6 May, unrenewed 2013/14 Season Ticket Holders who want to change location for 2013/14 can view all available seats and purchase any remaining seat online at You can also phone or visit the Ticket Office in person.

Season Ticket Holders who want to introduce friends or family - but not sit with them - can apply online, on the phone or in person at the Ticket Office anytime.

I have renewed my Season Ticket in my current seat and now wish to move?

If you have renewed your Season Ticket but would now like to move, you can do so from 10am Thursday 1 May to 10am Tuesday 6 May. A £10 charge will apply per Season Ticket. Move requests are only available by calling 0843 208 1234 (Option 3) or by visiting the Ticket Office.

Can I pay for my Season Ticket by instalments?

Yes, two separate Instalment Plan options are available (either 6 or 9 month payment terms).

To use either option, there is a flat fee of £20 (6 months) or £30 (9 months) on top of the price of your Season Ticket (credit available is subject to status). Fans are able to purchase more than one ticket through this plan for the one set fee providing payment is taken from the same account.

To pay by instalments you must be a resident in the UK, aged 18 years or over and hold a UK bank or building society current account which can support Direct Debit payments. The Instalment Plan agreement is held with Premium Credit Limited and is subject to their terms and conditions.

Find further information and make your application online.

What are Restricted View seats?

A Restricted View seat is defined as being one where the view of either goalmouth is blocked in part by a permanent fixture or fitting, such as a handrail or a roof-supporting pole.

Owing to the age of our ground there are a number of Restricted View seats in various locations. The sight-line and extent of the restriction does vary greatly from seat-to-seat. For further information and to view some examples, please read our online Visitor Guide or by calling the Ticket Office on 0843 208 1234 (option 3) to arrange a viewing.

As a Season Ticket Holder can I move my seat for individual games?

Whenever additional match tickets are purchased for friends/family, a Season Ticket Holder can also relocate in order to sit with them for the same game.

There is no charge to move your seat to another area of the ground where (Season Tickets) are advertised within the same price band. If you move to an area of the ground where a Season Ticket is more expensive an upgrade fee will apply.

Move requests must be made via the Ticket Office at the time of purchasing the additional seats. Please note that this service is not available on a matchday.

Can I upgrade a Junior/Senior Season Ticket for individual games?

Yes, the Season Ticket Holder (or parent in the case of a Junior) can request an upgrade for any individual games that they are unable to attend. Any difference in price will need to be paid at the time.

Prices are calculated based on the difference between the pro-rata (1/19th) price of the Season Ticket and the advertised cost of a match ticket (for the same game). The fee will therefore vary, depending on the price grade of your chosen fixture (A, B, C or Family Grade).

We strongly advise upgrades are requested  in advance of matchday by contacting the Ticket Office in person or by phone. For upgrades on matchday please visit the Ticket Office in person at least two hours prior to kick-off. Please note in addition to the price difference, at £5 fee applies for any upgrades requested on matchday.

Are Cup games loaded onto my Season Ticket card?

Season Ticket Holders who opt into the Auto Cup Scheme will now be issued a paper ticket for your Season Ticket seat. Your ticket will not be loaded onto your Season Ticket card.

What happens if I lose or forget my Season Ticket?

Season Ticket cards can be reprinted at the Ticket Office prior to matchday. The request must be made by the named ticket holder (photo identification is required). We cannot re-issue a season ticket to another individual. There is a £20 replacement charge per card.

Reprinted Season Ticket cards replace the original card. During the reprinting process, the previous card is automatically cancelled and is no longer valid for use.

The valid Season Ticket card can be identified by its issue number, which is located in the bottom right hand corner. If a lost card is found it must be returned to the Club or destroyed. Reprints are at the discretion of the Ticket Office Manager.

When will I get my Season Ticket?

13/14 Season Ticket cards remain valid for any Season Ticket Holders that renew for the 2014/15 season.  New 2014/15 Season Ticket Holders will receive their card by post, approx two weeks prior to the start of the season. Season Ticket Holders with up to date email addresses in their Club account will be notified by email when their card has been posted.

Do I keep the same Season Ticket card?

Yes, the 2013/14 Season Ticket Card remains valid for the 2014/15 season.  However if you have changed seat location or age category, you will be sent a new Season Ticket Card.

Can I have a paper match ticket printed to replace my Season Ticket card?

No. Season Ticket cards allow for speedier entry to the stadium and help to prevent fraudulent or illegal use of Season Tickets. If a Season Ticket Holder loses, misplaces of forgets their Season Ticket card, a replacement can be issued by the Ticket Office. A £ 20 card replacement fee will apply.

I’m on holiday / don’t have internet access. Can I make a written application to the Ticket Office to move my seat for the 2013/14 season?

Yes, however requests must still be made within the advertised time periods. Season Ticket Renewal Packs (including renewal forms) will be sent out to every Season Ticket Holder by post around 11th April. If you've recently moved, you can update your address details by logging in to your account here.

Can I come to Craven Cottage to look at seats?

With a number of off-season stadium maintenance and construction projects scheduled, unfortunately we are not currently able to confirm dates for supporters to visit Craven Cottage to view seats.

However, where possible our Ticket Office team will try to arrange mutually convenient dates and times for supporters to view seats once the schedule of works and access becomes clearer. Please contact the Ticket Office for further information and assistance.

How will I know you have received my written application?

As long as a Season Ticket Holder provides an accurate email address in their application they will receive an automated confirmation email when purchasing or renewing a Season Ticket. We would encourage Season Ticket Holders to check their purchase history by logging in to their account online before contacting the Ticket Office.

Season Ticket Renewal Packs will be distributed around 10th April. The Renewal Pack contains all of the relevant 14/15  Season Ticket information including prices and benefits, an application form, a confirmation postcard that you can complete and return with your written application. Please note that the postcard requires a stamp.

Once your application has been processed we will return this postcard to you as confirmation that your application has been processed.

All written applications are date-stamped upon receipt. We recommend that all fans that do set-up an online account ensure that the email address they give us is monitored regularly. If you are a Season Ticket Holder who has an account already, you are encouraged to check your information is up to date.

Can I share my Season Ticket with a friend?

Under the terms of sale, a Season Ticket is intended for the sole use of the purchaser and it is important to note that the Club reserves the right to refuse admission to the ground.

If you are unable to attend a game, then in most cases we are happy for a ticket to be passed to another supporter to use, providing the Season Ticket is applicable to the age of the person attending. In instances where a Junior/Concession Season Ticket is being transferred, an upgrade fee will apply. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the Ground Regulations before passing a ticket to another fan to use.

Please note the following guidelines, which are not exhaustive:
•    Without the authorisation of the Club it is illegal to resell a Season Ticket, even for face value.
•    The Season Ticket Holder assumes responsibility for other supporters who use their ticket.
•    Supporters must qualify by age to use the ticket.

•    Away supporters are not permitted in home areas of the stadium, or vice versa.

Please contact the Ticket Office if you need further guidance.

Can I get a refund for any games I cannot attend?

No, we cannot offer Season Ticket Holders a refund for any matches that they cannot attend.

You can register with our Official Ticket Marketplace viagogo who provide a service for you as a Season Ticket Holder to list your seat for sale to other Season Ticket Holders and Fulham Members.

Please visit viagogo for further information.

Do you have a Family Zone?

Yes, we have two dedicated Family Zones in the Johnny Haynes Stand (Blocks A/AL and K/KL). The Family Zone is specifically for Season Ticket Holders also purchasing Junior Season Ticket(s).

Children’s activity sessions and events will take place on the concourse beneath Block K during the pre-match build-up for all Barclays Premier League home games.

What is Cottage Corner?

Cottage Corner is Blocks P1 and P2 of the neutral Putney End. Due to increasing demand, Season Tickets are also available to purchase in Blocks P1 and P2. The increase in Fulham fans in this location also provides a welcome boost for our team given its right beside the tunnel.

I've purchased a Season Ticket in Cottage Corner (the Putney End) but sometimes have away fans sitting around me, why is this?

Cottage Corner is a Mixed Area and fans of either team are welcome to purchase seats in this part of the ground. It’s the perfect location for new Fulham fans that have previously sat in this area for a match and for football fans that have just arrived in London and want to buy a Season Ticket.