Season Ticket FAQs

When can I renew my Season Ticket?
Season Ticket Holders can renew their seat from Wednesday 27th April 2016.

How can I renew?
Supporters can purchase online* at, by popping into or calling the Ticket Office on 0843 208 1234 (option 2) or by sending back your completed renewal form in the post.

*Restricted View and Disabled supporters cannot renew online

How long is my seat held for?
All current Season Ticket Holder seats will be held until 5pm on Thursday 26th May

When is the renewal price deadline?
The renewal price deadline is Friday 24th June. Full Price tickets take effect from Monday 27th June. Junior prices remain the same throughout.

I want to move my seat and the one I want is available - what do I do?
If a seat is available, you are welcome to go ahead and reserve it and complete your purchase.

I want to move my seat but there isn’t much choice in my preferred location?
You’ll notice that there may not be much choice in your chosen area due to seats being held by existing Season Ticket Holders. In this case, you would be advised to wait until the unwanted seats have been released. Season Tickets will come off sale on Thursday 26th May, and Season Ticket Holders will then have a priority window to purchase released seats, before they go back on General Sale. This priority window is only available to supporters that haven’t renewed.

I have renewed my Season Ticket but now want to move - what do I do?
If you decide that you want to move after you’ve already renewed, that is not a problem, however please note that we will charge a £10 administrative fee - please call the Ticket Office on 0843 208 1234 (option 3).

I’m 17 years of age. Has my price bracket changed?
Yes. A 17 year old will be able to renew/purchase a junior ticket.

Do I have to move from the Putney End?
No, supporters can still renew in the Putney Stand but are being encouraged to move to home areas of the stadium, where we have many good seats available.

Do I keep my access card?
Yes. Supporters will not be sent a new access card for next season.

Can I pay by instalments?
Yes. The option to spread the cost of your Season Ticket over 6 or 9 months is available with Zebra Finance and will be subject to status and the usual credit checks.

What is the fee for using a credit card?
There is a fee of 1.3% of the total transaction value.

What is the auto cup scheme?
By registering a valid debit or credit card with the Club, when we are drawn at home in the FA or League Cup, you will automatically be sent a ticket for your seat. Prices will vary depending on our opponents.

What is the Away Season Ticket?
By registering a valid debit or credit card with the Club, you will automatically be sent a ticket for each away game. As the prices are set by the home team prices will vary.

What is a Restricted View seat?
A Restricted View seat is defined as being one where the view of either goalmouth is blocked in part by a permanent fixture or fitting, such as a handrail or a roof-supporting pole.

Owing to the age of our ground there are a number of Restricted View seats in various locations. The sight-line and extent of the restriction does vary greatly from seat-to-seat. For further information and to view some examples, please read our online Visitor Guide or by calling the Ticket Office on 0843 208 1234 (option 2) to arrange a viewing.

The person that sits next to me isn’t renewing. How can I buy their seat?
The current occupier will need to provide written consent to the Ticket Office, before the seat release date, that they will not be renewing their seat and that they authorise for the seat to be taken over by you. Otherwise the seat will be released on General Sale.

With more evening games in the Championship, how can I upgrade my Junior/Senior Season Ticket?
Upgrades can be processed by our Ticket Office either on the day in person, or in advance by calling 0843 208 1234 (option 2). Prices vary depending on where in the ground the supporter sits.

If I want to purchase more than one Junior Season Ticket in addition to my adult Season Ticket, will I still get the discounted price?
Yes, all junior season tickets are half price in all areas of the ground, so you can buy as many as you like at the time of renewal*.

*Due to the popularity of the Family Area, we have had to restrict supporters to 3 junior tickets per adult.

What happens if I lose my card?
Replacement access cards are available from the Ticket Office and incur a £20 reprint fee.

Age Bands:

  • Over 65: Over 65 (as of 1 Aug 2016). 
  • Young Person: 18 - 21 years (as of 1 Aug 2016).
  • Juniors: Under 18 (as of 1 Aug 2016).
*Applies to Under 10s.

Restricted View Seats:

Seats can be renewed over the telephone (0843 208 1234 – option 2, Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm), or by postal application only.

Disabled and Personal Assistant Seats:

Disabled and Personal Assistant seats can be bought over the phone (0843 208 1234 - option 2, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm) or by sending in an application form, but not online. Supporters must register their disability with the Fulham Ticket Office before an application is processed.

Season Ticket Cards:

All supporters should keep their current Season Ticket card.

Please note that if you renew your current seat and then wish to move there will be a £10 administration charge.

Full Terms and Conditions are available online.