Saturday 4 March 2017, 12:00pm at Motspur Park, Surrey
Fulham FC
Fulham U18s
o.g. McCracken 52'; Santos-Clase 60'
Norwich City
Norwich City U18s
o.g. Ashby-Hammond 64'; o.g. Felix 67'

52' Own-goal

Jon McCracken

60' Goal

Nicolas Santos-Clase

70' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Cameron Thompson
Off:Nicolas Santos-Clase

75' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Reece York
Off:Michael Elston

85' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Chris Kelly
Off:Dan Martin

64' Own-goal

Taye Ashby-Hammond

67' Own-goal

Joe Felix

Three own goals in the match and a one from Nicolas Santos-Clase meant the Whites could only take a point against the Canaries.

Fulham drew 2-2 on Saturday against Norwich at Motspur Park in the final Premier League South Division match of the season.

The Whites went two goals clear before the Canaries found a way back into the game. It wasn’t a typical match, all four goals coming in the second half. Three of those were own goals and one came curtesy of Nicolas Santos-Clase.

The first opportunity of the game fell to Norwich within three minutes as winger Kieran Higgs was played through the middle. He took his shot on the half volley and sliced it over the bar as a warning.

Ten minutes into the game Joe Felix broke down the right and swept a ball into the box towards Jayden Harris’ feet, but Jon McCracken who was between the sticks for Norwich rushed out and got to the ball just in time.

The first clear cut opportunity for the Whites came two minutes later. Isaac Pearce was brought down 25 yards out of the box and Cassian Thomas struck the free kick inches over the top corner.

Fulham started to control the game, holding possession and working their way up the pitch.

Michael Elstone worked tiredlessly, dropping into midfield to help gain possession, and he had several shots from far out that sailed over the bar.

The Whites were having the lions share of the chances, with Harris cutting across the field towards the box. He chose to shoot from distance and he saw his effort go high.

Fulham’s best chance in the first half came from a set play. Dan Martin swung a free kick 30 yards out from goal into the box, and Jose Garrido managed to glance his head to the ball, the shot looped inches over the bar.

Elstone once more picked the ball up from midfield and drove through the defence. This time he chose to go with his left. He beat his defender and sent a powerful shot on target. McCracken got low and negotiated the swerving shot.

In the 33rd minute yet another chance came to Fulham, Felix sprinted down the right and sent a direct ball into the box. Pearce got an accurate header away but the keeper got his gloves to the ball.

Norwich then retaliated with their own chance, Higgs cut in from the right once more and sliced his shot which flew harmlessly over the bar.

It took till the second half for the deadlock to be broken. Felix, in the 52nd minute shot from the right of the area, his effort was blocked and sent out for a corner.

From the corner McCracken was under pressure fumbled the ball into the back of his own net to give the Whites the lead.

Fulham looked to make their dominance with the ball count, Dan Martin sprinted through the Norwich defence but shanked a shot wide of the right post.

Moments later however, the Whites mounted another attack. This time it was Santos-Clase who broke from the half way line and found himself in a one on one position, and expertly slotted the ball past the keeper to double the lead.

With a two goal advantage Fulham started to sit back and soak up pressure, and to Norwich’s credit they took advantage in the 64th minute.

The Norwich attack worked the ball into the box, it landed at Felix’s feet. Felix went to clear the ball but struck it the clearance into keeper Ashby-Hammond, and the ball deflected into their own net to cut the lead by half.

Norwich took that impetus and launched more attacks, and it only took three minutes before they claimed their second goal. This time Higgs drilled a cross through the box and Felix couldn’t get out the way, and the ball bounced off him and into the goal.

The final 20 minutes of the match was like a basketball game, end to end. Fulham were throwing all men forward, and Pearce worked tirelessly down the right creating several scoring opportunities for his team mates.

The last big chance of the match came as Pearce skipped past two defenders and launched a cross at speed through the box. Substitute Reece York got a strong head to the ball as his effort rattled the cross bar to keep the score level.

The game finished with two goals a piece, and that point means the Whites finish fifth in the table and as a result will be playing in Group 2 for the remainder of the season.

Match Information

Competition: Barclays U18 Premier League

Date: Saturday 4 March 2017
Kick-off: 12:00pm

Venue: Motspur Park, Surrey

Fulham U18s

Line-up: Ashby-Hammond; Felix, Sessegnon, Garrido, Mundle-Smith; Martin (Kelly 85'), Thomas; Pearce, Harris, Santos-Clase (Thompson 70'); Elston (York 75')

Unused substitutes: Schwarzer, De Havilland

Norwich City U18s

Line-up: McCracken; Aarons, Ellesley, Wallis, O'Donnell; Samba, Kamal; Higgs, Hlynssan, Aransibia; McIntosh

Unused substitutes: Oddy, Hale-Brown, Fleming

Fulham U18s (4-2-3-1)
  • 1Taye Ashby-Hammond
  • 2Joe Felix
  • 5Steven Sessegnon
  • 6Jose Garrido
  • 3Jaydn Mundle-Smith
  • 8Dan Martin
  • 4Cassian Thomas
  • 7Isaac Pearce
  • 10Jayden Harris
  • 11Nicolas Santos-Clase
  • 9Michael Elston
  • 12Reece York
  • 13Julian Schwarzer
  • 14Cameron Thompson
  • 15Chris Kelly
  • 16Ryan De Havilland
Norwich City U18s (4-2-3-1)
  • 1Jon McCracken
  • 2Max Aarons
  • 5Callum Ellesley
  • 6Owen Wallis
  • 3Dylan O'Donnell
  • 8Emersson Samba
  • 4Bilal Kamal
  • 7Kieran Higgs
  • 10Agust Hlynssan
  • 11Devonte Aransibia
  • 9Louis McIntosh
  • 12Brandon Oddy
  • 13Fergal Hale-Brown
  • 14Alan Fleming