Saturday 21 October 2017, 11:00am at Tottenham Hotspur Training Centre, London
Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur U18s
Griffiths 53'
Fulham FC
Fulham U18s
Thompson 6', (pen) 82'

53' Goal

Reo Griffiths

26' Yellow Card

Brooke Lyons Foster Card was given for a foul

61' Yellow Card

Royin Omolab Card was given for a foul

6' Goal

Cameron Thompson

82' Penalty

Cameron Thompson

52' Yellow Card

Djed Spence Card was given for a foul

75' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Ryan De Havilland
Off:Nicolas Santos-Clase

82' Substitution

Player was substituted for tactical reasons
On:Joe Felix
Off:Sonny Hilton

Cameron Thompson scored a brace to narrowly beat Tottenham Hotspur in North London on Saturday morning.

Fulham beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 away from home on Saturday morning, it was an action packed match that could have gone either way with the Young Whites claiming all three points.

Cameron Thompson made the early breakthrough before Spurs equalised in the second half. Later into the match Chris Kelly won a penalty which Thompson dispatched for his second, and more crucially, the winner.

From the start Thompson was showing good strength when he dropped into midfield and almost played Kelly into the box, but his through ball was just cut out.

It didn’t take long though for the Whites to find an opener. Thompson made the break though in the sixth minute with his work ethic enabling him to him stealing the ball high up the pitch.

The striker raced into a one on one at goal, and he calmly slotted the ball beneath the keeper to take the lead for the Young Whites.

Spurs responded with dangerous attacks of their own with the ball going through Reo Griffiths. Reece York made two important challenges in quick succession to deny Spurs the chance to go on goal.

Lucas Ashby-Hammond was called into action in the 22nd minute for the first time. A strong shot from 30 yards out was dipping into the bottom left corner, but a diving save and strong hand kept the advantage for the Whites.

Spurs went as close as they could without scoring after that, running down the left, their full back rocketed a shot that rattled the crossbar.

Fulham were defending well and Tottenham resorted to shooting from distance for a period, not troubling Ashby-Hammond’s goal. 

In the 41st minute the Whites nearly got their second. Tyrese Francois and Tristan Cover did well to win back the ball before setting Thompson off down the right. He played a deft pass to Santos-Clase who poked a shot into the post.

Tottenham were getting close, and Jamie Reynolds smashed the cross bar for a second time with Ashby-Hammond rooted to the spot. Fulham broke and Chris Kelly in space slammed a shot wide.

The Young Whites started the first half the quicker of the two, winning a corner before Francois drove a low shot at goal which was saved by Jonathan Dibie.

Spurs found their way back into the match in the 53rd minute with their pressure producing the goods. The ball bounced around the six-yard box and Griffiths kicked the ball into the back of the net to equalise.

On the hour mark Thompson stole the ball yet again from the centre half, and was pulled back this time when setting off, the referee decided a yellow card would suffice.

Having been under pressure for a period, the Young Whites started to dominate play. Thompson played Francois in who had two shots blocked, and from a corner York had a half volley deflected out for another.

In the 70th minute Nicolas Santos-Clase ran almost the whole pitch and cut a ball to Sonny Hilton in the box, he turned onto his weak foot and at point blank shot at the keeper, it was a golden opportunity to retake the lead as he was denied.

Ashby-Hammond made two more fantastic saves to keep the Young Whites in the match, and with all the chances being created in Tottenham’s area, one finally came good.

Kelly was chopped down in the 80th minute when entering the box, this time the referee finally gave one of many chances. Thompson stepped up looking confident and slammed it down the middle to retake the lead.

Fulham played out the rest of the match expertly, applying pressure without the ball and doing everything to keep it.

It all could have finished level, but in the 90th minute Zico Asare made a perfect last ditch challenge, the Spurs fans shouted for the penalty but it was a brilliant challenge and the referee then blew for the end of the match.

Match Information

Competition: Barclays U18 Premier League

Date: Saturday 21 October 2017
Kick-off: 11:00am

Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Training Centre, London

Tottenham Hotspur U18s

Line-up: Dibie; Lock, Lyons Foster, Omolab, Hinds; Shahoua, Maghoma; Mukendi, Reynolds, Patterson; Griffiths

Unused substitutes: Pochettino, Freeman, Stratham, Richars, Tainio

Fulham U18s

Line-up: Ashby-Hammond; Spence, Asare, Garrido, Cover; Francois, York; Kelly, Hilton (Felix 82'), Santos-Clase (De Havilland 75'); Thompson

Unused substitutes: Frei, Wickens, Abraham

Tottenham Hotspur U18s (4-2-3-1)
  • 1Jonathan Dibie
  • 2Matt Lock
  • 5Brooke Lyons Foster
  • 6Royin Omolab
  • 3Tariq Hinds
  • 8Armando Shahoua
  • 4Paris Maghoma
  • 7Jeremie Mukendi
  • 10Jamie Reynolds
  • 11Phoenix Patterson
  • 9Reo Griffiths
  • 12Mauricio Pochettino
  • 13Charlie Freeman
  • 14Max Stratham
  • 15Rodel Richars
  • 16Max Tainio
Fulham U18s (4-2-3-1)
  • 1Luca Ashby-Hammond
  • 2Djed Spence
  • 5Zico Asare
  • 6Jose Garrido
  • 3Tristan Cover
  • 8Tyrese Francois
  • 4Reece York
  • 7Chris Kelly
  • 10Sonny Hilton
  • 11Nicolas Santos-Clase
  • 9Cameron Thompson
  • 12Elias Frei
  • 13George Wickens
  • 14Ryan De Havilland
  • 15Timmy Abraham
  • 16Joe Felix