Fulham Football Club Foundation is committed to investigating the true impact of our work to see if oir delivery contributes to 'building better lives through sport.' We measure our programmes to understand if they fundamentally matter to our communities, are attaining stated outcomes and ultimately whether they contribute to our aims. We use the insight gained from impact measurement to review, adjust and develop our work and are committed to disseminating best practice.

Our programmes are designed to produce immediate and long-term positive impacts for participants. We want to provide robust evidence that we effectively contribute to sport for development, therefore we use a variety of methods to monitor impact.

We build Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for projects and track our progress towards these on a monthly basis, regularly asking the important questions, ‘so what?’. We ask ourselves what our programmes ultimately exist to achieve, what needs to be in place to give programme outcomes the best chance of being realised, and how we can demonstrate our programme’s outcomes. When improvements need to be made, we’re not afraid to admit this and make them.  

We appreciate the importance of reporting impact and are committed to continually evolving the methods used to do so. Some of these methods include: logic frameworks, questionnaires, focus groups, steering groups, case studies, and research validated tools such as Outcome Stars and Sportworks.

We use the following cycle as our approach to impact: