Terms & Conditions

By choosing to subscribe to FulhamFC TV, you are required to agree to, and shall be deemed to have accepted, these terms and conditions at the point of subscription. 

The content of FulhamFC TV may vary depending on which jurisdiction to which your subscription relates. 

Any person subscribing to receive FulhamFC TV must do so only in the jurisdiction in which they live and reside.  In the event that the Club establishes or reasonably suspects (at its absolute discretion) that you have subscribed (or attempted to subscribe) to a service only available in another jurisdiction, your access to FulhamFC TV will be suspended or removed.  No refund shall be available in this instance.

If you are resident in a jurisdiction at the point of subscription and you later move to another jurisdiction, you are required to notify the Club immediately by emailing: fulhamfctv@fulhamfc.com.  The Club reserves the right to alter the content you receive depending on the jurisdiction to which your subscription relates. 

Your subscription is personal to you and must only be used by you on one device at any one time.  The disclosure of your username and password to any third party is prohibited. 

The use of FulhamFC TV is for your own personal use and you may not use (nor attempt to use) FulhamFC TV for any commercial purpose, including (without limitation) for the purpose of charging fees (or any valuable consideration) to any other person or entity to view or access FulhamFC TV.

You may not (nor may you attempt to) forward, record, copy, reproduce, store, transfer, modify, post, distribute or publish any of the content on FulhamFC TV without the express, prior written permission of the Club, which must be sought on each occasion.  If you seek to obtain any such permission, you should email us at: fulhamfctv@fulhamfc.com.  The Club shall determine any such request at its absolute discretion.  

Live footage of Fulham first team matches on FulhamFC TV is only permitted outside the UK & Ireland and in certain jurisdictions determined by the Club from time to time.  The Club shall determine which matches are available to view on a live basis at its absolute discretion. 

Subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions, your subscription shall be valid for the term of subscription selected - i.e. on an annual, six-monthly or monthly basis - and unless terminated by you before the expiry of the subscription term, will be automatically renewed for the same duration of subscription period.

Where your subscription is auto-renewed, you will be required to pay the subscription fee.  Unless the Club notifies you in advance of any change in the subscription price (which the Club may effect by contacting you using the details you provided at the point of subscription or by publishing the same on the Club’s official website at www.fulhamfc.com) the subscription fee shall be as it was for your previous purchase.  Any failure to pay the subscription fee will result in your access to FulhamFC TV being terminated or suspended until full payment is made.  

You may terminate your subscription at any time by emailing us at: fulhamfctv@fulhamfc.com in which case your access to FulhamFC TV will be terminated by the Club as soon as possible following the Club’s receipt of such termination notice.  No refunds will be available in the event of termination by you.

Any discount or friend referral codes (which may apply from time to time) may only be used once per person, per transaction.

If the Club establishes or reasonably suspects (at its absolute discretion) that you have or will breach any of the above terms and conditions, it may suspend or terminate your access to FulhamFC TV, in which case no refund shall be available.