Frank Osborne 1948-1949 & 1953-1956

Frank Osborne

A player with distinction for Fulham in the Phil Kelso era, Frank Osborne was the first Whites star to be capped by England.

Financial pressures led to his transfer to Tottenham Hotspur in 1924 but, when his playing days ended at Southampton in 1933, he took up a sales job with Fulham Chairman John Dean's company in Putney. It took special dispensation from the Football Association to allow him to become a director in 1935, which is where he still was at the time of Peart's death.

From 1948 until his retirement in November 1964 at the age of 68, Osborne had some managerial responsibility at the Cottage, either solely or with a Team Manager, whilst he became General Manager or Secretary Manager.

His was a unique career, matched only in its longevity by his former playing colleague and subsequent Trainer, Frank Penn. The two made their debuts within two years of each other and they retired within six months of each other after a combined stay at Fulham of 82 years.

Intensely superstitious and fond of practising his golf swing in his Cottage office, Osborne steered Fulham to the Second Division title in his first season, with the assistance of Team Manager Eddie Perry.

For the next four seasons, Osborne was General Manager and assumed responsibilities for the Team again in 1953 for another couple of years until the next Team Manager was appointed.

Once he left Fulham, he never returned, and lived quietly at his Epsom home until his death at the age of 91 in March 1988.