Jimmy Hogan 1934-1935

Jimmy Hogan

In today's Barclays Premier League, club managers with European experience are in vogue, but Fulham went down this path when Jimmy Hogan was selected to replace James McIntyre in the summer of 1934.

Hogan was a Lancastrian, who counted Fulham amongst his five clubs in an ordinary playing career in Edwardian times.

Hogan was a coach rather than a trainer or administrator, and this soccer missionary took his message to several countries across Europe, but particularly Holland, Austria, Hungary and Germany. Despite Wartime internment in Hungary, he stayed on the continent in the 1920s and worked with the famous Austrian national side which so nearly beat England at Stamford Bridge in 1932.

Expectations were justifiably high when he took over at Fulham and he enhanced his reputation with supporters by re-signing Frank ‘Bonzo’ Newton from Reading.

However, early results at best were mixed and there were grumbles about his management style from the established players. After 31 games, Hogan's reign was brought to a close, the shortest of any Fulham Manager.

He died at the age of 91 in January 1974, in Burnley, not far from his Nelson birthplace.