Magath Appointed

Friday 14 February 2014 18:51

Fulham Football Club has announced the hiring of Felix Magath as First Team Manager, effective immediately.

The announcement was made jointly by Chairman Shahid Khan and CEO Alistair Mackintosh. Magath receives an 18-month contract. An announcement on the Fulham backroom staff will be made in the near future.

Statement from Shahid Khan

“I'm very happy to welcome Felix Magath to Fulham Football Club. Felix is an accomplished manager with multiple honours in the Bundesliga and a hunger to replicate his success with Fulham in the Barclays Premier League. I’m especially impressed with the reputation Felix has for coming into clubs at difficult times, often late in the season, and lifting them to their potential and beyond. Felix knows that is precisely the task awaiting him at Fulham, and he made it abundantly clear that he wants and is ready for the opportunity.

“Our Club has shown promise in recent matches, but the fact is we haven't won a league match since 1st January. Given our form, we can no longer merely hope that our fortunes will finally turn. And with 12 matches remaining and at least four points separating us from safety, we certainly can no longer post empty results. Action was required.

“Alistair Mackintosh did a wonderful job during the January transfer window to improve our Club. This week, Alistair recommended Felix, with his history of producing results for clubs with similar challenges as ours, as the new manager of Fulham. Alistair’s recommendation received my complete approval and Felix has my unequivocal support.”

Statement from Alistair Mackintosh

“The opportunity to bring in a manager with the experience of Felix Magath would typically be unlikely at this point in the season. However, Felix relishes this challenge. He's very impressed with our squad and commitment by Mr Khan, and his confidence is precisely what we need over these final three months of the season. I thank Mr Khan for his support and we're all looking forward to welcoming Felix to Fulham.”