Malcolm Macdonald 1980-1984

Malcolm Macdonald

Malcolm Macdonald had spent an unhappy few months as a player at Fulham during the turbulent 1968/9 season, but had gone on to find striking success with Luton Town, Newcastle United and Arsenal before injury prematurely ended his playing days.

His return to the Cottage in a business-related role was an attempt to rebuild his career but many people had reservations when he stepped up to the Manager's job.

Any misgivings the supporters might have had, however, were soon dispelled for Macdonald was to prove a revelation in the job.

Macdonald's strength was to name good coaches alongside him, first Roger Thompson, a colleague from Arsenal days, and then Ray Harford, who was working with the juniors at Colchester United, and Terry Mancini.

In less than a year, with no additional outlay on new players, there was a remarkable transformation at the Cottage and Fulham had a team that was not only successful but one that was winning with style.

Promotion came in 1982 to Division Two and for much of the following season, Fulham looked a short-odds bet to jump straight into the top flight, but the momentum started to slow early in the New Year.

After this, his Team went off the boil and he departed Fulham in the spring of 1984.