Huw Jennings

Academy Director

As the Club’s Academy Director I am responsible for managing the Academy programme up to U21 level, which covers all areas from player acquisition and contracts, staff engagement and deployment, through to budget management of the Academy and being the lead person for the Club reporting through to the Premier League.

Achieving Category 1 Status:

For us a huge amount of work went into gaining Category One status which is the new structure for Academies in professional football. There are four categories with one being the highest and we were very pleased to get category 1 status. We will now participate in a national games programme for the first time ever for the 16, 18 and under 21 age groups. It gives us the opportunity to have more resources and the chance to participate in a more extended programme.

Academy Commitment:

There’s been an amazing commitment from the Club to promote the Academy. We’re indebted to everyone at the Club for really promoting the work we’re doing. It’s a real challenge to bring players through the system. Nationally that is what everyone is being encouraged to do and we want to be at the forefront of that.

We’ve got a fantastic group of staff who have a tremendous work ethic. They’re top people on and off the pitch so to speak and there is a very good spirit amongst us.

Academy Success: 

It's always special to see a player who has joined the Academy go on to play for the First Team. We’ve also done well with individual teams. We’re setting a high class standard on a consistent basis. We’re also very pleased with the other age groups who have enjoyed notable international highlights.

Future Ambition:

We certainly want to increase the number of players that go through to the First Team, whether that's temporary or permanent. We’re hopeful there maybe a few other players that will break through and we want to demonstrate that getting a Category One is a start point for us and not a finish. We need to strengthen our groups and strengthen our programme.